Abbey and Christian

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How We Met

Christian and I met in the TSA pre-check line at the ATL Airport in May 2018. Christian was sporting a man bun and his road-warrior consulting garb en route to a company meeting in Nashville. I was traveling with my younger sister Anna to my older sister Emily’s bachelorette party in Florida. Anna is credited with the introduction. Christian invited us to watch him play at the Atlanta Hustle Frisbee game the following weekend. I mentioned my “busy schedule,” but obliged due to Anna’s enthusiasm. I came to Christian’s Frisbee game over-dressed in the latest Abbey Glass summer line. We chatted for a bit and a few days later and in true Glass fashion, I asked Christian out on a date. On that fateful Wednesday night, we stayed out until 3am sipping cocktails at an arcade bar, dancing at a reggae club, and ended the night on his apartment rooftop. From there, we traveled together around the southeast for my trunk shows and Christian’s Frisbee games.

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How They Asked

In the summer of 2020 Christian proposed at my family’s summer house in Greenwood, Maine, on the dock with my sisters in tow and Anders on FaceTime. Our engagement story is that we drove from Atlanta to Maine with my sister and dog during the height of the pandemic, arriving on my 31st birthday. The next evening, on the dock of our family lake house in the White Mountains, Christian got down on one knee in the rain to propose with a Jane Pope ring I’d been eyeing on Instagram for years.

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It was a total surprise, but Christian’s brother was on FaceTime with my younger sister stealthily under the house. My older sister and her husband were making a lobster dinner upstairs that was disguised as a belated birthday party. Our family house in Maine is my favorite place in the world, so many fond memories as a child with my family and truly a place of life milestones.

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