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How We Met

In December of senior year in high school Brad and I became known as “Brabbey.” From our first date in Cincinnati we were inseparable. We decided to attend college together at the University of Louisville and both studied Bio-engineering. Fast forward almost four years later, and we had been dating long distance for several semesters due to internships in different states. We spent the summer travelling to see each other from Kentucky to Boston. Finally, we were together for our last semester of classes! Even though Brad knew from the early stages of their relationship that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this girl, he finally knew it was time to propose midway through the fall semester of their senior year at UofL.

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how they asked

Brad wanted to keep everything leading up to the engagement a secret from me, so he did everything he could to try and keep his plans under wraps. When he went to look for rings, he brought one of his roommates, Nathan Westurn, along, saying they were going out for lunch. Even though Brad thought he was being sneaky, just like when he got my number, I figured something fishy was going on, and started to become suspicious of Brad’s impending proposal. Brad found the perfect ring on the first trip to the jewelry store and he began to plan out a proposal that would be as special as possible.

Finally, on October 29th, 2016, Brad told me we were going to his grandpa’s birthday party later that day. Brad conspired with my friends to take me out while Brad set up the proposal back on my family farm. My friends came up with the genius plan to get our nails done before Brad proposed. When I came back to my house after the afternoon with my friends, suspecting nothing, Brad surprisingly told me not to get into his car to leave for the birthday party, but instead to get into the John Deere Gator for them to take a trip around the farm.

Once he told me this, I knew what was lying ahead and I got incredibly excited. The first stop on my farm was my favorite place on the land, the tree house. After going up in the tree house, I found the box and letter Brad had prepared that reminisced about our first year together. Letters that I had written to Brad and pictures of their endeavors were enclosed in the box. (Pictures are my favorite!) I started to tear up after reading his letter. The second location was just past the gate to the hay field, overlooking the back half of the farm. This location had a box that outlined the second year of our relationship. The third location was on the part of the land that the two had hung out with friends for camp outs and where we had had picnics with each other. Here, Brad had prepared a third box that went over the third year and present state of their relationship.

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After this, we got in the Gator and headed up the hill to the “airfield,” which overlooks the whole farm. Brad had originally planned on driving up to the location, but the Gator ran out of gas while going up the hill, so we had to walk up. This ended up being a blessing in disguise, as it allowed her parents, who were hiding in the woods, to take pictures of us as they approached the spot where Brad would propose. When we finally arrived, we sat on a blanket surrounded by candles and leaves. I received my last gift, which was a scrapbook Brad had created with pictures and a story of their whole relationship. After reading, Brad got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Luckily for Brad, I said yes. :)

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