Abbey and Alex

Abbey's Proposal in Chicago Illinois

One Monday Alex took me out to a spontaneous dinner and and started playing Frank Sinatra who is my favorite artist from my favorite city in the country. For its art, the lake and big city feel I find it truly magical. Alex had never been and I would always say how I’d love to go with him one day. So Alex starts playing him, I open up an envelope and inside are surprise tickets for a weekend getaway to the city!! Flash forward to the Sunday of the weekend in the city & Alex says, “id like to take you to a spot I found that has the best view of the skyline and we can take some pictures!” I was all about that! Next thing I know we are walking and taking in the gorgeous scenery when Alex asks a woman (jordan) to take our photo. I turn around and he is on one knee asking my the question I’ve waited for, for 7 years!! (Side note: I thought he was on a business trip for 2 days, but he flew to my home in FL, we living in DC right now, to ask my dad and mom for my hand in marriage) He did phenomenal ! We went to prom together and soon we will be at our wedding together.

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Kept this a secret!!!
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Kept it a secret!!