Abbe and Sam

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How We Met

It began with a cake to the face.. no kidding. It was 2010 and I had just moved into the on campus accommodation with one of my friends from high school. We were nervous but excited to start the latest chapter of our lives. And even more so for my friend who was turning 18 that week. Over the next couple of days, there were multiple orientation activities that Sam and I were involved in on campus but it wasn’t until my friend’s birthday when we properly met. After returning from the on campus bar, I invited everyone up to the common room for some birthday cake. I was handing out a few pieces of cake when suddenly, some cake hit me in the face. I looked up and saw the culprit – Sam. Now I could have called him an idiot and stormed away but instead I thought it would be better to return the favour. Cue a cake fight, a messy common room and a pair of sore heads cleaning it up in the morning and the rest they say is history.

how they asked

Sam and I had stayed together throughout the remainder of university, into the beginnings of our careers and were in the process taking a big step together and getting our very own house. We had been through three long months of open houses and negotiations and we were preparing to go an auction in a few weeks time. It was under this blur of houses and banks that Sam was able to get away with some amazing surprise planning.

Sam had arranged himself and I to sign some loan documents at his uncle’s brokering office in Sydney which was conveniently located in the same suburb of the airport. We arrived at the airport car park and he surprised me with an overnight bag, complete with three new outfits to wear, all for a spontaneous weekend away to Hamilton Island! He had booked us to stay at Qualia – the most amazing hotel on the island and even arranged massages, fun activities and a beautiful dinner to fill in the weekend. At first I was a bit curious about the fancy dinner but nothing out of the ordinary happened so I went about my weekend not suspecting a thing. The surprises didn’t end there however. On our last day, under the guise of being transferred back to the airport for our flight home, we were actually transferred to the helipad where a private helicopter was waiting to take us over the Great Barrier Reef and onto Whitehaven Beach. No words could describe the beauty and the amazing experience of flying over the reef, I was completely lost for words. We landed on Whitehaven Beach and had a little picnic set up for us which we thought we would enjoy after a quick swim. We jumped into the water and were mucking around when suddenly Sam appeared with a ring in his hand (the sneaky thing had it in his board shorts the whole time – I can’t believe he didn’t lose it!). Cue the tears and the big YES! It was just him and I and the beautiful ocean. I never thought that this kind of thing would happen to me!

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