Abbe and Peyton

How We Met: Peyton and I met on the beaches in Montauk. Peyton is a huge surfer and I’ve always had a thing for surfers! We grew up in the same town and also loved spending our summers in Montauk. I always had a huge crush on Peyton but looked at him as a celebrity that I couldn’t touch! In tbe summer of 2011 Peyton and I kept bumping into each other coincidentally around town. One thing led to another and we ended up dating -the rest was history.

how they asked: Peyton and I like to go on hikes where we live in a place called the sands point preserves. One December morning he asked me if I wanted to go on our usual weekend hike. My best friend had joined in because without knowing what was about to happen I invited her! After 15 minutes into our hike we ended up on the beach and climbed up the sea wall. Peyton asked my friend Nicole to take a picture of us. As I walked to the end of the wall I turned around to Peyton on one knee asking if I would marry him. In complete shock I just looked at him asking if this was real life!! As he got up he told me to look up to my family up on a cliff where they watched the entire proposal. I am still in complete shock and on cloud 9. We will be getting married on June 4, 2016.

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