Aashvi and Dhaval

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27th May 2018 was our special day as it was our 9 month anniversary, so I had been planning it for months to propose the love of my life. My friends thought it was a weird idea since girls hardly propose, but I wanted to do something unique and something that would show my fiance how much he means to me. I got T-shirts made so that our friends could wear saying ” CAN I BE YOUR TROPHY WIFE?” Its an inside joke between us. We went to this beautiful place called Sun Bird Lodge in Elementaita-Kenya, sneaked to the proposal spot i.e. a cliff, and waited for Dhaval to come up. his reaction was priceless.

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After my proposal, we headed to another place called Carnellys for Lunch where he caught me off guard by going down on one knee! Coincidentally, We both picked the same date to propose to each other, and that was the happiest day of my life.

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Siddharth Patel
 | Planning