Aaron and Sharon

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We had been dating for over a year and half, and planned a fun weekend getaway in Asheville, NC (we live in Atlanta, GA). We both took off work today, Friday, to head up there but earlier in the week my now fiancé, Aaron, told me our dogs had a photoshoot to help promote this dog park and bar (Fetch Ice House) that our good friend had recently opened before we left town. We’ve been going to Fetch every day since it opened a few months ago and our two dogs absolutely love it.

I didn’t think anything of it when Aaron mentioned we might be in the pictures too for the website, but made sure I put on some causal cute clothes and makeup in case the pictures would circulate.

We got to Fetch and our friend who owned it mentioned he wanted to get a few solo shots of me to let the public know that you didn’t have a dog to enjoy the park. The photographer started snapping and next thing I knew, Aaron came out from behind the bar area with our two dogs, Harper (golden doodle- originally my dog) and Georgia (golden retriever- originally his dog).

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Georgia had a sign around her neck saying “will you marry my daddy?” and Harper had the ring in a little pouch around her neck. I started tearing up and turned to see Aaron reach over and get the ring and get on a knee.

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He told me he loved me more than anything and knew from the moment he met me he wanted to be together forever. I was holding back tears as he asked me to marry him. I said yes of course!! And our sweet pups watched us the entire time.

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The best part about this proposal is that we actually met for the first time at a dog park the night before my birthday in January 2017. Aaron had been the quarterback for my college (University of Georgia) but we never knew each other in school. Getting engaged at a dog park (albeit a much nicer one owned by our friend) was so special. It meant the world to me to have our dogs there and as part of the proposal.

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