Aaron and Nicole

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how we met

Aaron and I first met back in November of 2006. I was a young single mom so I didn’t get out much to meet new people or even date. My friend suggested I try online dating… I wasn’t really fond of the idea but she didn’t take no for an answer and made an account for me anyway. While we were going through profiles I came across Aaron’s. He was a single dad and seemed to have the same interests as me so I sent him a message. We started talking online which then turned into phone calls then we met up for coffee. It turns out we lived really close to each other but had never crossed paths in all the years we both lived in Hinton, which is rare in a small town. After about 8 months of dating we decided to take the next step and move in together. In 2008, Aaron proposed to me, which was kind of an disaster. Not only was I in the vehicle when he picked up the ring, but he didn’t make much effort to hide it and then proceeded to propose to me on the couch in the living room after we had an argument. The proposal was a little disappointing, but I knew he had good intentions and I couldn’t say no.

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how they asked

We had plans to get married within a year or two, but things got hectic throughout the years with our growing family and life. So finally last year, Aaron and I decided to tie the knot after I told him I would get married with or without him! The very first thing on my to-do list was to find a photographer. After a lot of searching I found Jennine.

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After I booked with Jennine she offered to do some engagement photos for us as she was going to be in Jasper. We set up a time and date in November for the engagement shoot at Pyramid Lake. After a couple of pictures, Jennine guided us to the bridge and told Aaron to get down on one knee.

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I was wondering why the heck he was getting down on one knee. I thought he was being really cheesy and I actually told him to get up. Then out of nowhere comes this beautiful ring. I was in disbelief! It was so romantic and a moment I will never forget. Definitely worth the wait!

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