Aaron and Morgan

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How We Met

Morgan and I met through close mutual friends while we were both living in San Francisco. We first met at a large BBQ, but the timing that day wasn’t right and we didn’t speak more than a few words to each other. Fast forward a few years, Morgan and I started bumping into each other at concerts and various social gatherings. Things started to progress a bit after I pulled her aside at a music festival and told her I really liked her and that I was happy we kept bumping into each other more and more frequently. I told Morgan that I wanted to hangout with her that day (and on multiple occasions after that) but I failed to actually ask Morgan out for a few more months. Morgan wasn’t interested in just “hanging out”. She wanted to be asked out on a date, which she finally had to make abundantly clear to me. The truth is that I was missing the message because I truly thought Morgan was far too intelligent and beautiful to be seriously interested in me. That feeling left quickly after we began a passionate and loving relationship, and it became clear that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

how they asked

I was looking for help in planning my marriage proposal for an upcoming trip to Colorado. I searched the internet and stumbled upon Dramatic Focal Point, Marriage Proposal Planning and Photography service near Breckenridge, CO. I contacted Travis and we spent some time talking on the phone. He wanted to know the details of what I was thinking. He was very thorough in his approach and explained to me why a helicopter (my original idea) might not be the best way to go about this. I wanted a spot that would make us feel secluded and with mountains in the background. Travis explained that this time of the year in Colorado the weather is very hard to predict. Also, the leaves had changed but any upcoming storm could blow those gorgeous yellow Aspen leaves off without warning.

He walked out a couple of trails for me and sent me some scout photos for discussion. He also explained that we needed to be patient and wait until just a few days prior to my arrival to settle on the perfect spot. He found a spot along Shrine Pass Rd, just a few miles from Vail, CO, where we were staying. We were suppose to be meeting up with Morgan’s aunt and uncle for an afternoon hike near Silverthorne. This spot Travis found was along our way and easy for me to detour Morgan under the guise that we should check out the mountain views along Vail Pass. Travis left marker tape in the bushes so I could follow that to a water bottle he left for me as my “marker”.

I found the trail and the water bottle and surprised Morgan as I dropped down on one knee and presented her with an engagement ring. She said yes and all the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders.

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Travis had brought along some bubbly beverage and champagne flutes etched with “He Asked” on one and “She Said Yes” on the other, along with our names and the date and the location. Everything worked out just as we planned!

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