Aaron and Monica

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How We Met

Monica and I were Facebook friends first. We both had a similar friend we hung out with while in school at ECU. It wasn’t until March of 2009 is when I started to get to know her through messaging every now and then. We finally took a chance in meeting and spoke more in person in Wilmington to feel each other out. At the time she met me, I was struggling financially and she gave me a chance to improve. So fast forward 7 years later, we are still together. It was something about her that made me feel that she was a great choice.

how they asked

I was trying to figure out how I could make it happen. I can say that LegalShield helped me earn the extra finances to pay for my ring in full to surprise my girlfriend while on vacation. I said why not take a vacation to Disney World, and that was where we took our business vacation in a state away from the Carolinas. I did some research in how to do it by looking at some YouTube videos. And I wanted to have my sisters accompany me in Disney, but it wasn’t possible. So I chose to go with a scavenger hunt where she would collect a total of 7 roses to signify our Seven years together. So on October 20th, I disappeared before she woke up, but I had to return back to grab something. I saw what she was gonna wear, and I was like she’s gonna wear my color lol. So I disappear downstairs to leave her first clue at the Customer Service , as her starter letter was left with her mother. My friend Craig picked me up to help me get my scavenger hunt notes in Mainstreet USA. When the staff got note of what I needed done, they were all in. So I told them what she would be wearing, and to wait for her to make her way to the different stores. The sixth rose was delivered to the ice cream parlor, and an area manager was around. I forgot the Manager’s name, but she wound up setting up the photographer and the atmosphere of the proposal. She sent me a text to let me know that she was waiting for me at the front of the Castle. I had my sisters submit a video to her and her mutual friend of mine and hers (Mosieo and Marissa) also sent a video before she seen me at the Castle. And that’s where the magic happened! Here’s my YouTube video!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Disney Staff (multiple)
 | Arranged the scavenger hunt and photographer that works in Disney.