Kaleigh and Aaron

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How We Met

Aaron and I literally fell in love at a lunch table in high school. I had no one to sit with since I was a new student my senior year. Through a mutual friend, Aaron and I ended up at the same lunch table. Lunch was not enough for us so we started dating. I was a year older than him in school. I graduated and my family moved over 9 hours away from Aaron. That was not enough to stop us from staying together. We survived a year and three months of the dreaded long distance. Aaron then graduated and began school. We were not sure if we would ever live in the same state. I began to get discouraged and confused. Aaron was trying to move closer but it just didn’t seem possible. One day, Aaron received a job offer from a huge company 35 minutes from my hometown. It was an answer to prayer! We have been through so much together. Being in the same state within 30 minutes of each other was the best present ever. Nothing was going to stop us from being together, and now, we can be together forever!

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how they asked

Christmas time is a magical time. I was so glad to be home from school with all the time in the world to spend with Aaron. We knew from the beginning that we were made for each other, getting married was coming, yet I did not know when. Christmas Eve Aaron was supposed to be working all day. I came home to get ready for the Christmas service where we were supposed to meet. However, Aaron was waiting for me at my house. Immediately i knew something was going to happen. I looked at the huge grin on his face and my heart started to race. He told me that he wanted to drive me to service so i agreed and hopped in his truck. Aaron drove to an adorable little gazebo on the way to church and stopped saying he wanted a picture of us. As we entered the gazebo the Christmas lights came on and Aaron told me how much he loved me and how he could not go anther day without me. He grabbed my hand as he got down on his knee and pulled the ring from his pocket! This was the moment I have always dreamed of! I said yes of course, as he slid my beautiful ring onto my finger! I was smiling from ear to ear as he hugged me! As i turned around, my whole family was smiling/crying, there to celebrate the moment with us!

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