Jessica and Aaron

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How We Met

I was having a miserable day. I woke up and my cell phone wouldn’t turn on. After working all day (I’m a teacher) I ran to my local Verizon to have it fixed. Much to my dismay, my phone wasn’t insured and my contract wasn’t up. I was out a phone. I’d have to pay almost $1000 between the fees and new phone. I was devastated. I remembered my brother, who lived an hour away, had a spare phone that I could activate. I drove down there, grabbed the phone, and ran down to the local Verizon store in that town to have it tured on and switched over.

I frantically ran in to that store, and was greeted with a calming friendly face. Aaron, my now fiance, sat me down at his desk, assured me he could fix all my phone problems, and was a relieving force that I needed.

Being that I had only been single for a week, and was in the midst of a break up, flirting with the Verizon guy was the farthest thing from my mind. However, I found myself smitten and delighted to be sitting at his desk. He was so smart, good at his job, cute, funny and incredibly helpful. He got me a new smart phone, case, screen protector, and a new contract for $200. Clearly the Verizon store back in my town was not helpful.

I knew he thought I was cute, because I caught him giving me the eyes a few times.

Fixing my phone problem took maybe an hour, but I sat at Aarons desk for 3 hours. We both forgot where we were and just talked and flirted for hours. Finally, he had customers waiting so he put his number in my phone and I took off, twitterpated, smitten, and wondering how long I needed to wait to text him.

A few texts, 1 phone call, and 10 days later we had our first date. He was a gentleman, a scholar, and the handsome knight I was waiting for. By our 3rd date we were in love. Referring to each other as soul mate and best friend.

Thank god my phone broke.

how they asked

On top of being a teacher, I work part time as a sales associate at reeds jewelers. December 23rd was our 1 year anniversary. Expecting sweeping romance as per Aarons usual style, I was tremendously disappointed when on the morning of the 23rd I got no flowers, no card, and was thrown a hideous and cheap piece of costume jewelry with no love or Romantic sentiments. All he said on his way out the door at 7am was, “can’t wait to see you tonight” in which I snarkily replied “oh yeah when I get home at 11pm and have to go right to bed?” he just smiled which made me roll my eyes. Idiot.

This was soooo not my Aaron. Aaron is always kind, and showers with me gifts and favors. He lives to make me happy. He rushed off to work and I spent all morning crying in the shower and texting my best friend. Confused and sad. I felt like our communication must be so much worse than I thought.

I was devastated that he had been so careless about our anniversary, while I had made personalized touching gifts illustrating my love for him. I vowed not to text him all day. I put on that cheap ugly necklace He got me And decided I needed to try to calm down And just come home from my 13 hour retail hell shift, go right to bed and ignore him. I couldn’t have any serious talks with him 2 days before christmas.

I went to work and cried in the back room to my coworkers who are also close friends. I worked 78 hours in the last 6 days and I still managed to go pick him up a freaking card. What an asshole. I disdainfully work my never ending shift, waiting on loving men buying beautiful and exspensive fine jewelry for their wives or girlfriends.

At about 8:30pm my then boyfriend struts into my work, starbucks in hand, with his usual easy going demeanor. He asked me if I could leave work. Uh, it’s December 23rd at a jewelry store and there’s 78 frantic last minute shoppers in here. No. Nope. Can’t leave. Just that question alone made me want to punch his throat bc I was already so upset with him.

He gets down on one knee and says, ” do you think you could go home now? Jessica will you be my wife?”

The ring was exactly what I had described to my co-workers 4 months before. I was sobbing so hard I could barely talk. Check out the video for my reaction. I was a wreck. After 27 years of awful dates and break ups, it was over. I found my person.

I screamed ” of course” and Aaron scooped me up in his arms. Then, I unexpectedly heard my mother’s voice. I turned around to see my parents, his parents and sister, and all my best friends. They had been secretly hiding in my store’s storage room for the last 20 minutes!!!

Then, I went into the ugly cry. I mean, snot,make up running, shaking like a salt shaker. And, my lovely co-workers were filming the whole meltdown because they had helped Aaron plan the whole thing.

This had been planned for weeks. The day we met was Dec 4th, the day my phone broke the year before…..and on that day in 2015 Aaron came and picked out my ring. On December 15th, our first date anniversary, Aaron came in and picked up the sized ring and hid it in his coat pocket until the 23rd.

Again, thank god my phone broke. If my smart phone hadn’t busted, I wouldn’t be engaged!!!

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