Jessica and Aaron

How We Met

We met our first few hours in this world! Aaron and I were born on the SAME day at the SAME local hospital, 2 hours apart. We were the only 2 newborns in the entire hospital born that day. We like to say it was fate! 17 years later we were “reunited” by mutual friends and brought on a double date. We have been together ever since!

how they asked

We had plans for a romantic dinner in Boston a few days after our dating anniversary. We got settled in the car ready to drive to the city when Aaron mentioned the restaurant overbooked reservations and moved ours back 1 hour. Much to the dismay of my growling belly, we decided to grab a drink at a bar near the restaurant to help pass time. After circling the Boston Public Garden for what I’m sure felt like hours to Aaron, we finally found a spot to park. The bar Aaron wanted to try was on the other side of the park so we began our way across. I saw a beautifully decorated willow tree in the distance- I remember thinking “Christmas lights!”. The Boston skyline was picturesque behind it. As we got closer to the willow tree I realized the Christmas lights were actually candles and there were red roses sprinkled on the grass. I could hear the song Aaron asked me out to in high school playing softly in the distance. Before I knew it, he led me under the beautiful tree and asked me to marry him! With the happiest of tears, I said YES!

The fairy tale proposal
The overbooking was part of his master plan, along with my sister and brother in law sneaking irreplaceable pictures of the fairy tale proposal!