Aaron and Hannah

Image 1 of Aaron and Hannah

How They Met: Aaron and Hannah met two years ago where Hannah worked on campus at UAH. The first time they met they ended up talking for 15 minutes even thought Aaron came in just to register his bike. A week later they ran into each other again in a mutual friend’s campus room. Hannah walked up to Aaron, motioned for a fist bump, and made a Star Wars handshake instead. Aaron said that’s the moment he knew this was the girl he would marry. The two became best friends over the next year. In Fall 2014 Aaron showed up at Hannah’s apartment with flowers and told her he’d like to be more than friends. Now they’ve been dating a year.

how they asked: Hannah loves Christmas more than anything in the world. Aaron wanted to surprise Hannah with including her favorite thing in his proposal, but knew she would be expecting it if he waited until Christmas. So, on September 24th, he decided he would put his plan in motion. Hannah’s best friend Shannon, who is an art major, told Hannah she needed to draw her in the park for a class. Hannah had done this for a friend before, so she put on a dress and headed to the park with Shannon. Walking down the path she began to notice pictures in the bushes and lining the path.

Image 2 of Aaron and Hannah

Image 3 of Aaron and Hannah

Looking closer she realized the pictures were of her and Aaron. There were 170 of them-every single picture they had ever taken. She rounded the corner and saw her boyfriend, tux and bow tie standing next to a fully decorated Christmas tree, also full of pictures. She made her way towards him and he dropped to one knee.

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Image 5 of Aaron and Hannah

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Image 9 of Aaron and Hannah

Opening one of the tiny boxes under the tree, Aaron asked the most wonderful question, “Will you marry me?” Overjoyed, Hannah said yes.