Aaron and Alison

Where to Propose in Kyoto Gardens, Holland Park, London

Aaron and Alison celebrated their third wedding anniversary on November 15th 2017. After meeting through a mutual friend, they became good friends before dating and falling in love.

Aaron on choosing the location: “The location was absolutely stunning and peaceful. It was a place I hadn’t been before [but I was recommended it] and it just seemed the right place for a beautiful proposal!”

Aaron on his experience working with Captured Proposals: “The service was amazing. Faultless throughout! Customer care was perfect: it was there from beginning until end. Thanks to the team for a smooth day and for all the planning prior to the day also.”

Aaron on why capturing the moment was important to him: “To be able to look back for many years to come and keep reminding ourselves of such a lovely day so we can share the memories with friends and family… and our son when he grows up!”

Aaron and Alison gave birth this week to our first Captured Proposals baby and we are so excited. They shared photos of their beautiful baby boy and we cannot stop gushing over it!

Alison still reflects back in shock, as Aaron surprised her with a trip to London’s Holland Park. She was expecting a surprise for the baby but, instead, on arrival, we gave her a letter reading:

“Aaron has organised a surprise for you and your son today!

So it’s time to say goodbye for now and open the boxes along the way.

When the trail is complete you’ll be reunited;

and we must admit, we are quite excited!

Just follow the trail down and take your first right….

Keep your eyes peeled for mystery boxes and open each one in sight.

Now follow our helpers and don’t be shy;

The cameras are with us: they’re Anneli and Guy.”

Anneli and Guy were the names of our photographer and videographer who were in on our grand plan. Aaron quickly escaped to hide on the bridge, leaving Alison to navigate around Kyoto Gardens. On her way, she came across three love letters on big boxes. Inside the boxes were balloons which, when put together, revealed a secret message: WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Aaron got down on one knee on the beautifully sunny day in front of a large crowd of at least 50 people! With applause and wet eyes all around as Alison accepted Aaron’s ring, we secured another happily captured proposal.

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