Aaron and Alexis

how they asked

“It was just another Sunday morning, AJ was out hunting and I slept in. I wake up to multiple texts from him telling me to wake up, check the kitchen table, and that he wouldn’t be making it to breakfast at my parents. On the kitchen table, there were 2 cards – one saying good morning beautiful you have a big day ahead of you, and the other saying I had 4 rules for the day, the last telling me to be to my parents at 9 AM for breakfast. I arrive at my parents and everything is normal until my parents slip me another card telling me I had a nail appointment at 1130.

At this point, my heart started racing and I knew something was up. AJ had sent me on a quest all over our hometown, involving all of my family and friends each of which had a new card with something new for me to do. I ended up at the place AJ and I had our first date. As I walk up the hill towards the fire tower with my parents by my side, I see all of our loved ones, I see AJ, and I see in big yellow letters “will you marry me?” scaling the length of the fire tower. It’s safe to say this was the most amazing day of my entire life.”

Where to Propose in Fire tower, Austerlitz NY

Proposal Ideas Fire tower, Austerlitz NY