Aarika and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met through mutual friends the summer before our senior years’ in college. To say we were both young, wild, and free would be an understatement. Our first night meeting a big group of us went out dancing and drinking at a country line dancing bar called, Incahoots. I was immediately drawn to his confidence, charm, and fantastic dance moves! We spent that summer hanging out and seeing a lot of each other and dancing together often, but all summers come to an end which meant I would be on my way back to South Carolina where I went to school.

Fast forward 3 years, I had moved to Tennessee after graduation and my roommate there and I decided we wanted to take a trip to back to California for the 4th of July. It would be my first time back in 3 years after my parents moved to Nevada. Once in California, Michael made sure to set up a time that me and my friends could come over to his parent’s house in Newport Beach. We ended up going out and it was the same chemistry and attraction all over again 3 years later. That night he told me he was in love with me and had been for 3 years and that there was no way he was letting me get away again. He stayed true to that promise, visiting me a few times in Tennessee, then moving me back to California after I landed my dream job.

how they asked

Michael and I were staying at his parent’s beach house the weekend of the 4th of July and I was beyond excited for a long beach weekend to relax. Upon arriving and putting our stuff down, he asked if we could take a walk on the beach. As we were walking, we stopped near Tower 61 and he wrapped his arms around me telling me he loved me and how he had loved me for a very long time. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and for a second I hyperventilated before I could force out “YES! Of course!”

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That’s when I noticed that Michael’s sister, cousin, and brother’s girlfriend were surrounding us taking pictures and videoing, capturing every detail.

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Image 4 of Aarika and Michael

As we walked to the house, our families flooded the balconies of the house and cheered. The most beautiful thing was being able to celebrate with our families after the big moment with champagne, popcorn, and cake!

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