Aaditi and Rahat

How We Met

Rahat and Aaditi met in school, and had been dating for about 13 years when they decided to propose.

how they asked

Rahat (with his friend Gaurav’s help), planned a surprise underwater proposal for his girlfriend Aaditi, on their holiday together in Koh Tao, Thailand. To add to the surprise, Rahat planned it so that their families (from India) arrive and hide on their dive boat – to surprise Aaditi when they both resurface after the underwater proposal! BUT, things didn’t all go as per plan! Aaditi had a plan of her own (again, coordinated with Gaurav) to propose to Rahat underwater during their dive together! What followed was a comedy of proposals underwater, that essentially led to an unplanned, underwater engagement! :-)

Image 1 of Aaditi and Rahat

The proposers got proposed to!

Image 2 of Aaditi and Rahat

A group photo of everyone that was a part of that once in a lifetime proposal!

Our Video

Special Thanks

 | He coordinated the proposal plan for both of us, while keeping it a surprise for each one!
 | Helped Gaurav coordinate the proposal plan
Seemant and Sid (Absolute Scuba)
 | The divers that planned the dive and the underwater setting; and underwater filming!