A Yogi's Dream Proposal: Raya and Matthew

photo 2How we met: Our love story began in Encinitas California on April 25, 2012. Matthew and I were both in town to practice with Ashtanga yoga guru Sharath Jois and met through mutual friend Morgan Lee (I knew Morgan from my yoga studio in Chicago and Matthew and Morgan met and became close friends during a trip to Mysore India). Matthew and I hit it off right away and spent the entire 5 day trip together practicing yoga in the mornings, eating cupcakes in La Jolla, and hanging out on the beach in Coronado all the while flirting and getting to know each other better.

After the trip, Matthew sent me beautiful flowers and came to visit Chicago the very next weekend. Our relationship naturally continued to move forward and we spent the next year dating long distance, falling in love, and planning a future together.

Our future included me moving from Chicago to Venice California. We are now engaged and getting married on April 25, 2015, which serendipitously happens to be the exact day that we first met.

how they asked: Matthew proposed to me during yoga class one morning. He called our yoga teacher the night before to help with the logistics and make sure a marriage proposal wouldn’t disturb the class. We both walked in to the room and there were two open spots next to each other (a rare thing in the always crowded room). We put our mats down, I went to the bathroom like I always do before practice and found a small beautiful box on my mat when I returned. I bent down to open the box and Matthew bent down and asked me to marry him.

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This came as a surprise but was perfectly appropriate because we met doing yoga and it’s a big part of our lives.

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