A Very Adorable Puppet Proposal

The short story: I put together a movie trailer of our relationship acted out by puppets:

The longer story: I rented the chapel room at our church and had a friend inform her of a “movie night” at church. My parents had flown in from Maine (for what she thought was just a weekend visit) and we planned to take them along to this “movie night”. A couple hours before the film, I told her that I had to get some work done but I would meet them at the church once I finished. Her family and best friend whom she hadn’t seen in a few months came in from Oklahoma to share the moment and add to the surprise (these are the ones who ou see her hug immediately after the proposal), so we strategically sat them and scattered a few dozen friends throughout the chapel. We positioned cameras to capture her reactions and set up 3 other random movie trailers to play prior to the proposal trailer. I hid in the media tech booth as she walked in with my parents during the first trailer. She sat in the perfect spot…and the rest is history!

Storyline: The trailer is of course a much abbreviated story of our relationship. We met when I first moved to Houston, but Donita was already planning to move away about a week later. We kept in contact but did not date, and our lives were vastly different than they became after we sought the Lord. Our spiritual growth is what put us on the right path and helped us understand our direction together. This is the purpose of the song “Fix You”…it’s not that I’m fixing her or vice versa, it’s that the God fixed us and our relationship grew as a result. Donita eventually moved back and we ended up dating. The first scene of our lives together is about an episode we had with a crazy real estate agent in Dallas (that’s another story in itself). The scene after shows when I tried to teach her how to juggle on our first date…I’m still trying. The Broncos/Patriots jackets scene is pretty self-explanatory, she’s a Broncos fan and I’m a Pats fan…it tends to be a source of conflict a couple times per year. In the final scenes our pets make a cameo as we’re watching a movie, then we realize our relationship is at a point where we want to take the next step…and finally…I propose.

Puppet Proposal

Puppet Proposal 1 Puppet Proposal 3 Puppet Proposal 2