A Short Film about Love.

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How We Met: Eric and I met 8 years ago on a New Year’s trip to Mammoth with mutual friends. I immediately could tell he was the funniest person I’ve ever met. Problem was, we were both in relationships at the time and lived across the state (and still do)… but that didn’t stop us from keeping in touch and becoming good friends. Two years later, we discovered that we would be living in London at the same time – I was studying abroad and he had a thrilling job at an insurance company. We saw each other everyday, but remained only friends as the timing once again wasn’t quite right. Flash forward to 2012. I called Eric out of the blue to catch up, only to discover that for the first time ever…we were both single! He told me that he had a planned a trip to Japan and invited me to join him. In a very, very rare moment of spontaneity, I booked my ticket. We had a great 2 weeks traveling all over Japan, and at the end of the trip he told me his true feelings. We have been inseparable ever since, at least on weekends…

The proposal: It was a typical Friday evening, and I had just flown into LAX. Eric picked me up at the airport, and he had a casual dinner waiting for us at his place. We’re dorks and celebrate monthly anniversaries, so nothing was unusual when he said he wanted to show me a video he made for our 11 month anniversary. After watching, he then handed me the card from the end of the video which said ” will you marry me?”. Of course I said yes , and then looked at the ring and said ” yes, definitely!”

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