A Proposal Video Across America

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Ryan and I met six years ago the summer after I graduated high school. We had mutual friends who liked to play pick-up games of soccer, so we hung out all summer. We had a lot in common besides sports, we both liked to travel and have small adventures. The night before I left for my freshman year of college at Kent State, Ryan and I decided to be an official couple, definitely not the usual course of action for college aged teenagers. We talked every day on the phone and sent online messages when our schedules were different. Being four hours away from each other was surprisingly easy because we have always naturally trusted each other and been honest with each other.

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After that school year I transferred back to Cincinnati for college and Ryan and I lived only 15 minutes from each other. We went on a trip in 2008 to the Oregon Coast together for hiking and exploring where we fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and made it our dream to move there after college. We have been together almost 6 years now through college, horrible jobs, quarter-life crises, and all that comes with growing into adulthood and finding yourself. We have always been there for each other for good and trying times. About two years ago I started dropping hints to Ryan about “how to” and “how to not” propose to me including: “Don’t do it when I look bad, or sweaty! Don’t do it with food! Or a flashmob! Or a crowd!” (I guess he was taking notes)

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We graduated college this past year and started planning a trip for just the two of us, since we have not been on one for 5 years! We planned to scout out neighborhoods and places to work in the Pacific Northwest and see national parks out west. We flew to Seattle, rented a car, and drove through Olympic National Park then down to the Oregon Coast where we stayed five years ago. Ryan wanted to go to Ecola State Park which overlooks Haystack Rock and the coast. He was filming the whole trip and taking pictures with his nice gear so I didn’t think much of it when we lined up the shot of us overlooking the coast. I knew he was going to propose while standing there because he was holding me so tight I knew he was nervous about something! This video is the perfect reminder of that special moment and the great outdoors that we both love so much.

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