Angelica and Daniel

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How We Met

Our parents have known each other for some years now, they’re from the same religion but attended different congregation. However, Daniel and I were not active in going to congregation meetings. Around the same time we both started to be more regular in attending meetings. Every couple of months they have assembly where all the near by congregations join together. We saw each other at a assembly but I honestly didn’t not think anything of it. A couple days later he added me on Facebook I was unsure of accepting his friend request eventually I accepting and from there we began to talk day after day. The first date we had we met a t a bar. We had a few beers and talked for hours .

How They Asked

Our second date took place in San Francisco. One day I was feeling spontaneous. I told Danny “let go right now to San Francisco” and he said “let’s do it”. I knew at that moment this is my guy!! San Francisco is a little over a three hour drive. In San Francisco we stayed at a beautiful hotel across the pier 39. We had a great view of the Bay Bridge. One night for hours we stayed out on pier 14, it had the best view of the Bay Bridge at night, there we both realized we liked each other more than friends. A few weeks later he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. We dated for three years. Occasionally we would go back to visit. October 31, 2020 I thought it was going to be just another visit. Danny had a whole day of fun and surprises planned! We rented bikes and biked along pier 39 then across the Golden Gate Bridge then to a small town called Sausalito the views were amazing not to mention the weather, perfect! We returned back to the pier on a ferry. That night we walked back to pier 14 where we had that great view of the Bay Bridge. While we were there he asked me of I had a good time and if I was happy. I answered “yes it was such an amazing fun day” He told me I have one last surprise for me, joking with him I said “is it money ” and he laughed and said “well it cost me lots of money” while he was saying that he was getting on his knee and said ” I want to marry you” of course I began to cry and said “yes”. San Francisco is now our love city where it all began!