A Stunning Outdoor Marriage Proposal

A Marriage Proposal 5

There we were..in this beautiful field…not a care in the world… hah! Who am I kidding–i was pretty pissed at him that day hahaha let me try this again:

We had planned to take 3 yr Anniversary pictures at Mt Wichita that Saturday. That same morning, though, we ran a 5K. Color Me Rad. It was awesome. and painful. and DIRTY! We had color all over our skin and all in my hair!

Nevertheless, after the race, we got cleaned up and headed out to the wilderness.

A Marriage Proposal

A Marriage Proposal 2

A Marriage Proposal 4

A Marriage Proposal 3

When we arrived, it was hot as… well, you know…! So much for getting all dolled up for pictures. That’s when Billy started making us hike. haha We had to get to the perfect spots… I felt like an old lady by the time we reached the top. And the post 5K pains were starting to take a toll…

By the time we had climbed back down the mountain, I’ll admit, I was not the best person to be around. Lenin could tell by now. And so could Billy. I kept hearing “can you smile please?” or “you look like you want to murder him.”

Finally, I heard Billy say to Lenin “this place is really beautiful.” I guess this was the hint hint. But i didn’t catch it. I was too pissed off at this time!

A Marriage Proposal 10

A Marriage Proposal 7

A Marriage Proposal 8

A Marriage Proposal 6

We got directed to one more spot, on this rock. I started joking about the Lion King pose.. and then Billy said to face each other… and the next thing I know…

There Lenin is, dropped to one knee. Mr. Casanova in all his glorious swagger haha Asking me to marry him. Of course he gave his little speech (he remembered to use my middle name too!) and then waited.

Of course, I said a tearful “Yes”

Then we took more pictures (this time with me smiling!!). Lenin did admit later on that he kinda tried to make me angrier on purpose.. I felt so bad for being so cranky….

It was a good day, that day.

A Marriage Proposal 9

Photos by Billy Pham Photography