Kalynn + Cheng-Hsien | A Magic Trick Proposal

Cheng-Hsien and I first saw each other on a dating website in mid-February and then later that week ran into each at the Iowa State campus library where I worked. It was a whirlwind romance with our first date as a couple being two weeks later and our engagement happening about seven months later.

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The day that he proposed was a beautiful fall day. We had been talking about marriage for awhile but yet I was not expecting him to ask “The Question” under the kaleidoscopic sky that day. We had driven to central campus that day for the sole purpose of helping our photographer friend, Alex, expand her portfolio with some couple photos. She had just asked us if we were willing to help her out the week before. We were moving right along with the pictures when about midway through the shoot, Alex tells Cheng-Hsien that he should try to make me laugh.

It’s at that moment that Cheng-Hsien pulls two playing cards out of his pocket and tells me that he’s gonna show me a magic trick. Disregarding the fact that keeping two playing cards in your pants’ pocket is pretty odd, he jumps right into the trick. He holds the cards downward facing out to me. He flips up each card one at a time saying, “here’s the Queen of hearts and here’s the King of hearts”.

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After flipping both cards back over, he continues with “one day the Queen and the King decide they want a baby”.

“Now watch carefully. Lean in closer”, he says. He makes me lean down closer. I reluctantly lean in closer anticipating he’ll throw the cards at me to make me laugh.

Instead he shakes the cards with one hand and holds out his other hand.

And then from between the two cards….a ring slides out! By this time he has gotten down on one knee and is ready to ask, “will you marry me?”.


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Photos by Everlasting Love Photography