A Long Distance Marriage Proposal Video

Image 1 of A Long Distance Marriage Proposal VideoKenny and I went to Burrell High School together. He went to private school up until 11th grade, so when he got to Burrell, he wanted to make a good impression! He ended up doing magic for the kids in school which got him to Mr. Popular status. I was the “emo girl” who never really talked to anyone and was honestly too nervous to speak a work to him!

Needless to say, we didn’t talk at all in school but we did know who each other were.

Later, in the summer of 2011, I met a crazy and amazing mother named Carlye at a RibFest in Pittsburgh. She would not stop talking about her son. I had no idea who he was, but he sounded pretty amazing! Finally she told me his name was Kenny, Kenny Lewis.

I responded “OH! the magic man!” She later went home and told Kenny all about how she met this girl and how we would perfect for each other.

Father’s Day came and I gathered all of the courage to message him. We connected right away! After I got back from my trip visiting my dad in DC, he asked me to hang out. He made me learn how to smile and laugh all over again, and every day after that we were attached to each other!

A couple years went by and he wanted to follow his dream of being a videographer. He packed his stuff and headed to Los Angeles! Although I wanted to follow right behind him, I just could not leave my job and family at that time. Being in a long distance relationship has been positive and negative. It has made us so much stronger, but we miss each other every second of every day. Facetime and phone calls have saved us from going crazy, and Kenny has showed me that no matter what happens, I have a best friend, a soul mate and best of all, my other half.

With long distance being such a big part of our relationship, his proposal was absolutely perfect:

After the proposal, Kenny and I entered a contest to win $10,000 towards our wedding in August 2014! Because Kenny’s father passed away a few years ago from cancer, we are going to donate $.10 for every vote we get. His stepdad recently got diagnosed with a few types of cancer as well, so it is deep in our hearts to give back. Feel free to vote for us!

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