A Fake Proposal that Turned into a Real One: Charity + Luke

sweet engagement photo in leaves

How We Met: Luke and I met at a time when I was not looking for a relationship.

A friend of mine who told me that she thought Luke and I would be perfect for each other, I told her I wasn’t interested and she dropped the subject. I had been working 7 jobs at this point and had zero free time. My friend kept asking me to go over the span of a couple years and asked again when I sat down to have coffee. I told her that if by some chance I didn’t have to work that night, I would go. Two minutes later I received a phone call saying that they didn’t need me to come in for my shift that night and to have a wonderful night off.

So I ended up going to church with her. It was a college group of people that were around my age at the time. I instantly fell in love with them.

Then she introduced me to Luke. I tell you I was not nice. He was so kind and tried the general get to know you questions and since I knew what was on my friends mind, I cut him off or gave him one liners. I was short and to the point.. to the point of being rude.

I ended up leaving that night and recieved a phone call from my friend who tried to set us up asking if she could give him my number.. He wanted it but wouldn’t take it with out my consent. Unbeknownst to me, they were actually sitting together, as I like to call it, plotting. I told her she could give it to him if he REALLY wanted it, but to make sure that I WAS NOT INTERESTED.

He was persistent and I told him I would go to coffee. It was one of the best conversations I’ve had. I like intelligent conversation with meaning and he challenged me. So, coffee turned in to drinks, drinks turned in to dinner, and 3 1/2 years later, here we are.

I think that he was placed in my life at a perfect time, a time where I had hardened my heart to everything. I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship that changed me, and not in a good way. And then this wonderful man entered my life and refused to give up on me. He is my best friend, the love of my life, and my biggest supporter.

how they asked: Luke involved my sister Chelsea and her husband Jay in the proposal, he wanted me to be completely surprised.

I received a text from my brother in law to help them with a pseudo engagement tutorial for their company Everly Films. They have asked us to do this in the past so I didn’t think anything of it. They told me that they didn’t want to do it at their house or some random park and would prefer to take the shots up at our family cabin. Again I didn’t think anything of it.

The morning we were heading up it crossed my mind that it might happen. I started to get excited. But when I was dressed Luke asked if/what ring Jay wanted me to use since it was supposed to be an “engagement” photo shoot. And my hopes went right out the window and it didn’t cross my mind again.

When we got up to the cabin Chels and Jay asked us if we were ready to start. I said yes I just need to put on some makeup. While I was getting ready my man was asking my dad. Good thing he agreed!

Jay and Chels said they wanted to start down by the creek to do some test shots. I now know it’s because they all know how special of a place that is for me. It’s where I would like to someday be put to rest and it’s where we spent most of our childhood swimming, fishing, and getting lost in ourselves. Needless to say it holds a lot of sentiment.

As we started the test shots Jay non chalantly asked Luke to get on his knee (he hates getting dirty) and act like he was going to propose. In the process the fake engagement shoot turned in to the real deal. Luke’s proposal wasn’t heard, I know crazy, but I was crying and so emotional all I saw was him, kneeling before me, his love for me in his eyes, and I wasn’t listening. But I got to hear his words in our beautifully constructed video that will always be a part of my heart!










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Photographer + Videographer: Jay & Chelsea Worsley