A Coastal Maine Proposal

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Our Story: (From Dustin)I was working on my last year of pharmacy school when I was invited out one weekend by some classmates. Upon arrival I realized all the new pharmacy students were in town and had come out to meet other students. I took notice of one particular red head. Kristin had just moved from Maine to start the pharmacy program in Manchester, NH. We were introduced but our conversation was quickly interrupted by other new students asking me questions about the pharmacy program. Wanting the chance to talk to her again, I sent Kristin a friend request on facebook that night.

(From Kristin) After meeting Dustin at the bar, I started chatting with him on facebook the next day. We joked about different things and since I had only just moved to the area I asked him if he knew of any good running spots in Manchester. We decided to go for a walk together to a nearby running trail. I will never forget how easy Dustin was to talk to, he made me laugh and I knew there was something between us. After that night we were inseparable; we spent our free time together sharing secrets, telling stories and getting to know everything there was to know about each other.

(From Dustin) When I decided to propose to Kristin, I had an idea of how I wanted it to happen. I knew I wanted to involve her best friend and talented photographer, Hailey. Kristin was going to have some time off from class and wanted to go to Maine to see her family. I have everything planned out; the only obstacle was somehow managing to get her the weekend off from work without revealing my plan. I contacted Kristin’s boss to fill her in and the plan was in motion…

(From Kristin) When my boss notified me that she had given my shift to a classmate I was so excited I didn’t even question it. I asked Dustin if he would come with me to Maine since we both had the weekend off. Hailey recently asked me to do a photo shoot and the weekend would be the perfect opportunity to do it. So Dustin and I packed our bags and piled in the car, I had no idea what the love of my life was planning.

(From Dustin) At the photo shoot, Kristin and I held each other close as a few loving shots of us were taken.

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When Hailey told us to stroll down the beach my heart skipped a beat. ‘Stroll’ was the code word, it was time. I held Kristin’s hand as we made our way down the beach; we were making jokes as we walked. That’s when I stopped and told Kristin I loved her and I wanted to spend my life with her. I pulled the ring from my pocket, lowered to one knee and asked my soul mate to marry me. I won’t ever forget the look in her eyes when I proposed to her, it was a moment of excitement, shock, happiness and love.

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Photos by Hailey Tash Photography