A Central Park Boat Surprise Marriage Proposal

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How We Met: From the very beginning, Jared and I both knew that our plans we had each made for our futures would change. We met on a blind date – my aunt lives near his parents, and she kept feeling like she needed to line us up. After a week of texting, our schedules finally matched up and we went to lunch one Saturday. Both of us expected it to be an hour-two hours max. Seven hours later, he finally took me back to my apartment. It was on that date when I found out Jared had accepted a job with Ernst & Young in Manhattan that would start mid-July.

Two days later, he invited me to his bubble soccer game at a nearby park. I ran to the park where the game was and as I walked across the field, he had this huge grin on his face! He ran over, gave me a hug and told me he was glad I came. There I was, sweaty from my 7 miles and he kept looking at me like I was beautiful. I loved it! We both played soccer, went out to dinner and talked till early morning. That Friday, I went to an MBA/MHA graduate party with him. We ate, laughed, danced and sang. While sitting on a window sill, he pulled me in, held me and kissed me on the forehead. Right then I knew that my life was going to be so amazing as long as he was in it.

One week later (yep, that’s how long it took both of us), over a slice of Kahula coffee cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory, he said, “I know it’s only been two weeks, and I’m not going to scare you and tell you that I love you…but I am going to say that you should probably start thinking of what kind of cut you’d want for a ring.” I couldn’t stop smiling…because I had been thinking the exact same thing as him. It didn’t feel rushed at all! I felt peace combined with a whole new/different shade of happiness, and I loved it! With all of our long talks, we’ve found that our views match up on basically everything: finances, parenting tactics, work vs time at home, traveling, food, exercise, spiritual matters, etc.

As a matter of fact, since our first date, it’s felt like we’ve known each other for years. Since that night, we’ve spent as much time together as possible. Whether it was that we were both working, cleaning, walking, shopping, cooking…you name it, we were ALWAYS together. And I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, seamless relationship. I first fell in love with who he was, then with how he treated me, then how I felt about myself when I was with him…and then I just fell completely in love with him. The more I get to know him, the more I believe that he was always meant to have my heart – we just needed to find each other. And I couldn’t be happier :)

how they asked: Since his job requires him to move, we took a trip to Manhattan in June to check out his apartment and where his “new life” would be. The second day we were there, we knocked a few touristy things off our list – Statue of Liberty cruise, Battery Park, Wall Street. On the subway ride back to his apartment, he said, “You know, they’ve got these rowboat things in Central Park. That could be fun…?” I agreed and said that we should walk through Central Park to kill time before our reservations. We stopped at his apartment to change before dinner (that weekend in NYC was super hot and humid!). I knew that we had dinner reservations at 8:30 that night, but had no idea where we were going, because he wanted to surprise me.

I couldn’t decide what to wear – I wanted to wear a dress to look cute, but I was way too hot for a dress, so I was going through everything that I packed to find something that would look good and not be too hot! He, very patiently, kept giving me little hints to hurry (unbeknownst to me, we were on a bit of a time frame). Finally, we made it to Central Park. While walking along the sidewalk, I asked: “Ok. It’s 5:45pm. What time do the boats close?” “I think they close at 7:00pm.” “It closes soon! I bet all the boats are out…if we need to kill time other ways we could totally just explore the park more or window shop or something.” “Yeah…or we could just, you know, wait for someone to bring a boat back…” “Haha that’s true. We could totally do that, too.” We rented a rowboat without any issues and headed out on the lake.

I was taking pictures of the scenery, people in the park, other rowboats, and Jared. I also posted a few things on Snapchat while we rowed around finding a place we wanted to stop and take a picture. After finding one little secluded corner covered with trees, Jared told me that because it was the 19th Friday before we get married, he had something for me. This wasn’t unusual – Jared’s family went for a cruise while we were dating, and he had hid little notes for each day around my house and then would email me clues on where to find them.

With his GoPro latched to the side of the boat, he first handed me a quarter and then pulled out a stack of 19 scratch-and-reveal cards that he had made. Handing them to me one at a time, I would scratch off the gold covering and read out loud reasons he loved me and things he loves about “us.” On the 18th one, he had two left in his hand. Looking at the back of both of them, he handed me one saying that the other was probably a test one from when he was figuring out how to make them. I read number 19 and then he handed me the 20th one. It was blank!

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While I was scratching it off, he was pulling a ring out of his pocket and hiding it in his hand. After I laughed at the blank card, he leaned forward and told me how much he loves me, how perfect I am for him, and how he can hardly wait to spend forever with me.

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Then he said he had one more question for me, knelt down and all of a sudden I knew what was going on.

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At first I said, “yeah.” But then as the shock from the surprise left and I checked back in to reality, I kept saying ‘yes’ over and over!

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He tells me that I must have said it one million times haha. My actual ring was still getting made, but he said he couldn’t wait any longer for me to have a ring on my finger, so he proposed with a fake one. But I didn’t care at all! I would wear a string on my finger till my dying day as long as it meant that I was going to marry him.

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Fast forward one month to the week that he was officially moving to Manhattan. The night before we were flying out to move him, my cousin took engagement pictures for us. Earlier that day, without my knowledge, he had picked up my ring from the jewelers. During our photo session, he mentioned that he thought his shirt was too busy and that he wanted to go get one from the car to change into. When he walked back he held up the shirt and said, “So, should I wear this? Or do you want to wear this?” and pulled out the ring box from behind the shirt.

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I was SO surprised! The way he had talked about the ring, I thought it was going to be finished sometime in August or SeptemberImage 9 of A Central Park Boat Surprise Marriage Proposal

Once again, he surprised me and I was TOTALLY shocked. My ring is stunning and, of course, I am so flattered to wear it!

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