9 Funny Ways to Get Him to Propose

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Friends are putting a ring on it, family members are getting hitched, and celebrity couples are merging names. It literally feels like everyone is mating for life–except you, that is. And why is that? You’ve found the one you know is your soulmate. You’ve dated long enough for people to ask, “So, when are you getting married.” Yet, through it all, your ring finger sits naked and void of big, drool-worthy sparkly bling.

Girl, it’s time to up your game and get him to propose…pronto!

Foolproof (or Just Funny) Ways to Bring Him to His Knee:

Had it with waiting for him to call the shots for your turn in the bridal spotlight? You could ask him, but where’s the sport in that? The tips we’ve picked are sure to light a fire under his procrastinating booty without any nagging required, whatsoever.

1. White wash your wardrobe: The fashion faux pas of not wearing white after Labor Day goes out the window when desperate times calls for desperate measures. Sure, you could go out and purchase a wedding dress to casually wear around the house (who doesn’t love a lady scrubbing a tub in tulle?). But for constant reminders day and night, swap out all hues for a wardrobe washed in white.

2. Add bridal embellishments: Skip the basic black headbands and sportier hair ties. Instead accessorize with a more regal look of tiara and veils. Think it’s too much? Think again, princess! Worried he’ll think it’s too much? Just tell him your look is trending on the runways this season.

3. Dial up date night: When it’s your turn to plan some special time together, ask him to get dressed up, then crash a wedding. If Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson can make it work for their love lives, you can do the same for yours.

4. Crank the cold shower: Make a passionate plea to turn down the steamy bedroom sessions with the goal of making your first night one day as husband and wife that much more special. This celibacy pledge is sure to speed up the engagement countdown clock.

5. Transform your face time: Got mad Photoshop skills? Instead of secretly pining over your fave engagement and wedding photos, make them your own–literally. Cut and paste your and your bae’s heads onto them, then share on social media. Don’t forget to tag him!

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6. Throw a girl a bone: Set your married gal pals up with a friendly flower budget. When they come over to visit with beautiful blooms in hand, make sure they toss the bouquet your way. Have patience though. It might take your catch a few times before he catches on.

7. Plan the paw-fect pairing: Need a new hobby? Skip knitting, glass blowing, or calligraphy, and instead start hosting mutt matrimonies and cat wedding ceremonies. Your friends and family may not offer you regular wedding opportunities to attend, but the more pet nuptials you perform, the more chances to get your BF in the wedding spirit.

8. Put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it: Reverse psychology isn’t just a good parenting technique. If you’re always harping on him about getting married, try flipping the script and announcing your solidarity in waiting to get married…or heck, staying lifelong roommates. If it works against you, well, maybe he was never the one to put a ring on your finger in the first place.

9. Plant the seed: If your guy is the forgetful type, maybe he has simply forgotten that you’d like to get engaged sooner rather than later. That’s where helpful “reminders” come into play. Add pictures of engagement rings to his coat pockets, lunch bag, car visor, etc. Turn your fridge into a magnetic wedding inspo board. Change his DVR preset shows to nothing but wedding and engagement series. Spice up his workout playlist with wedding favorites, including the “Chicken Dance,” “Hokey Pokey,” and “Macarena.”

One more for good measure …. If all else fails, log in to his Instagram account and follow @howheasked for him – we’re quite inspiring if we say so ourselves.

Follow these tips to a T and the long walk down the aisle will happen before you know it. Whether or not he’ll be waiting for you at the end, well that’s just too soon to tell.

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