8 Ways to Tell He’s About to Propose (in GIFs!)

You could search his sock drawer for the elusive ring box or manipulate his mom into dropping some helpful hints, but if you really want to know if the big question is coming, look to him for the answer. Even if he thinks he has a poker face of steel, nerves may knock him off his game, making him easier to read than an open book. Not sure what to look for? Here are 8 GIFs with all the clues.

1. He’s All Eyes on You: You may be used to him holding your gaze, but if he just can’t seem to keep his eyes off of you, he might be daydreaming about his future bride. Longing looks of love that just don’t quit could be a sign that a proposal will soon be popped.


2. I Just Love You; Loving You’s My Favorite: When your few daily “I love you” shares seem to multiply like rabbits in springtime, be suspicious–but in a good way. He’s likely practicing to get it right for saying it to you for a lifetime.


3. Whatcha doing? Got plans? He’s gonna want to know about them–and more so than usual. Why? Well, he has a proposal to plan, and if he wants it to be a surprise (hint: he does), he’ll need to know the sweet spot to sneak it into your schedule.


4. Nailed it!: Even if manis are a mainstay in your life, if he’s about to put a ring on it, he’ll want to make sure your fingers are in fine fashion for snapping pics of the new engagement jewelry. After all, there are inquiring Instagram and Facebook followers who will want to be in the know.


5. Where’s Your Daddy?: If he’s interested in getting your father’s permission to marry you, don’t be surprised if he becomes more insistent about setting up a date with your dad (and mom).


6. Serious Style: If he’s getting all dressed up, it just might mean he has somewhere to go–with you. Put on your favorite outfit and let him transform you from arm candy to his lifelong sweetheart.


7. Don’t Sweat It: Nerves have a funny way of cranking up the internal heat. When his perspiration picks up, don’t sweat the small stuff–because something big might be about to happen.


8. Spoiled Rotten: In preparation for your engagement gift–the ring, that is–don’t be surprised if he starts to shower you with presents well in advance. It’s a good chance for him to practice surprising you with pretties, and your chance to practice your excited face.