55 Epic Proposal Reactions That Will Leave You Speechless

When your partner pops the “will you marry me?” question you’ve been waiting for, it’s completely normal to go into complete shock. Reactions may include extreme joy, weak knees, and tears…lots and lots of tears. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite epic proposal reactions sure to make your heart skip a beat. Just be sure to grab the tissues, you’re going to need them!

“The months that ensued were all behind my back and I had absolutely no idea of the many, many hours he spent with them brainstorming ideas on Post-it notes, drafting dozens of different scenarios, compiling many, many Google docs, and exchanging thousands of secret messages.The most thoughtful detail (which they all later told me) was actually how he knew it was important to ask for my parents’ blessing in person. My girlfriends distracted me for a day at a spa while he hopped on a plane down to Los Angeles to meet up with them. He had lunch with them and successfully got their blessing before taking a same-day flight back to San Francisco.”

Full story: Andrea and Jimmy
Photography: Emily Wolfe


“My friend Kaitlynn said how fun it would be if we went to Detroit for dinner instead and scoped out the cute Christmas set up in downtown Detroit.We told the guys plans changed and what we wanted to do instead. The whole drive to dinner Tom played it off like he wasn’t a fan of how busy it was going to be. I just kept saying we didn’t have to be long because our dog, Winston, was being pup sat by our friends and I didn’t want to make them keep him too long. We took a couple of photos when I hear ‘Hey Celeste…’ look over my right shoulder, and there was Tom, down on one knee with the BIGGEST smile on his face that I had ever seen.”

Full story: Celeste and Thomas
Photography: Maddi Hanson Photography and Taylor Sumner

“I set up rose gold balloons hung on an arbor spelling out, “Marry Me?” Shasta arrived at the winery in search of her sister in law only to see all of us in the distance. She was shocked and shaking from head to toe. When people say you black out and forget everything you said, they are right. All I know is she said YES!”

Full story: Shasta and Whitney
Photography: Baylee Dennis

Full story:Nicole and Bobby
Photography: Laura Segall Photography

“When our photographer told me to turn around, stunned, I saw Will down on one knee and I said “What are you doing!?” and the tears started to well up in my eyes. Will, through what seemed to be nervous words, asked me to marry him. It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made, because I already knew the answer for so long.”

Full story: Carly and Will
Photography: Sierra Hurd Photography

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Gatlinburg, Tenn. Great Smoky Mountains

“After about the 5th shot into “our” photos I began to talk with her about the day we met and the how I wanted us to continue to work on us. That’s when I turned, put my back to the camera so that they could catch her reactions, and proposed. She began to cry tears of joy and excitement and said ‘yes, of course, you already knew that!’”

Full story: Jonathon and Janae
Photography: Don and Melissa Fields

“When the photographer found the perfect spot, she told him that the view was gorgeous, which was their code for Michael to put the ring box in his pocket. She had us do several different shots and then posed me in front of Michael. We were posing, and the photographer told me to turn around and face Michael. When I turned around, he was down on one knee crying.”

Full story: Javier and Michael
Photography: Amy Adams

“When we got to the pavilion, we walked in and looked at the view. He then pulled me to the middle of the pavilion and started to get down on his knee. He said many sweet words, and at the end said ‘Krystin Fayth Clinton, will you marry me?’ Through my tear-filled eyes and shaky voice, I said yes!”

Full story: Chris and Krystin

“With everyone in the Cloud Dome watching us, I started to nod my head yes, but then he funnily said,’I’m gonna need verbal confirmation from you.’ We laughed together and then I blurted out, YES!”

Full story: Sara and Jeremy
Photography: Leah Aldous

“A few days before the proposal, Dylan told me that we should visit his aunt that lives a few cities away to bring her flowers because she was “not doing well” (she’s 100% ok). I suggested going to Trader Joe’s to get them but he insisted that we go to Foxglove, a super cute local flower boutique. The worker said while she put together the bouquet we could watch a ‘promotional video’ for the shop. Dylan pressed play on a video he made with tons of pictures and videos of our trips and dates. My initial thought was that the wrong phone was plugged in or something because it was US on the screen instead of flowers but 2 seconds later it all clicked!”

Full story: Madison and Dylan
Photography: Corbin Ballard

“When we drove up to campus to see my sister at The University of San Diego, where we went, he made a little detour to go to “our favorite spot” where you can see a beautiful view of the city. He was shaking and I totally caught on! But he told me how much I have changed his life, how much he loves me, and how he wants to keep loving life and having fun with me- he got down on one knee- I was so excited I practically blacked out!”

Full story: Sarah and Anthony
Photography: Kyle Kearney

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Crystal Bridges: Museum of American Art

“On the trail, on the way out there I found sunflowers, my favorite flower, on our path, leading to our rock. The rock had candles lit, and a homemade book filled with my favorite pictures, and the last page saying, ‘Will you grow old with me?’”

Full story: Gabriela and Christian
Photography: Lauren Thomason

“We walked outside, I remember asking “are you serious?”, he smiled, took my hand, said a slew of wonderful, beautiful things, led me out to the dock and popped the question!! I said (or squealed) (or screamed) YES, and the tears STREAMED out.”

Full story: Hannah and Taylor
Photography: Emily Wehner

“Last year in November, me and Dillon planned a photography session with my cousin Christy for when he got back from deployment. We wanted to have some pictures made for ourselves, family and I wanted some for wall decor. So, we planned this session in hope to get some family photos with the puppy and of ourselves. Little did I know, he was planning on proposing to me.”

Full story: Jessica and Dillon
Photography: Southern Rose Photography

“The proposal happened on our third anniversary. After work I walked into the bedroom and found a complete outfit laid out on the bed with an envelope on top. I opened the envelope and found a hand-written card that said he was out planning a special night. I was waiting at the front door when a white limousine pulled up. The car drove to downtown Dallas and stopped at a building I was unfamiliar with. I was led upstairs and escorted into an elevator. At that point, I was still thinking that there was a really nice restaurant on top of the building. Once the elevator doors opened, I saw Charlie, a beautiful view, a completely empty rooftop, and a small area that had been staged with plants and candles. It was then that I realized that he had truly done something very special and that it would be an evening I would never forget.”

Full story: Charles and Scott
Photography: Christina Truelove Photography

“We met 4 years ago and within the first five minutes I told Danny I had lupus. His response was, ‘That’s ok… I have asthma.’ My biggest trigger for lupus flares is stress. Danny & I had known we wanted to be together forever and even talked about having a super-small wedding to avoid the potential stress that may come with it. It started with a trip to Disney World to celebrate my birthday. We flew home and had dinner plans with my family to celebrate. My mom canceled right when we landed. When we got home he walked me to the backyard, and I saw a huge tent with our families lined up outside of it. At first I thought was that he threw me a surprise birthday party, but then I saw my mom start to cry, and realized my dad was in a suit, and then Danny said to me, ‘You know how much I love you, right?’ I was SHOCKED. We walked inside the tent where our closest family and friends were, and he proposed right there. After about 20 minutes, Danny asked me to go inside with him, which I thought was just to process what had happened! He said that if I wanted (and ONLY if I wanted to), we could get married THAT night…”

Full story: Danny and Nicole

“My work conference is over and we are walking around Brooklyn. We get to the waterfront of the Brooklyn Bridge and he pulls me in, gets down on one knee and promises to always be my friend. I was in shock. I had absolutely no idea- he did such a good job.”

Full story: Michaela and Jace

“I threw my boyfriend a surprise 30th birthday with 80 of our closest friends and family. He had no clue what was happening. When he finally was able to process the surprise, he sent his sister home to get the ring! (He was planning to propose on Christmas!) He began to make a speech thanking everyone for coming when he called me up to thank me for all my planning. The next 5 seconds were a blur and he was down on one knee! Talk about a reverse surprise!!!”

Full story: Francesca and Chris

“When we first started dating, we quickly connected over our love for Harry Potter (according to Pottermore we are both Slytherin). We even spent our anniversary at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and discussed having a themed Halloween party. We planned to dress up as Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass, who end up getting married in the books. On the day of the party I was on my way to pick up pizzas, when my friend suggested we stop at the library. Once inside my best friend from college and the first Harry Potter book were waiting for me! I immediately knew what was happening and started crying.They then took me to two more stops, each with a sequential Harry Potter book, a letter from Heather, plus another one of my friends who had flown in to surprise me! They took me back to our apartment where I found Heather, standing in the rain holding 4th book, The Goblet of Fire. She had it specifically designed to spell out ‘Marry Me’ in its pages. I said ‘YES’ before she could even ask me!”

Full story: Heather and Kelsey
Photography: Ivory & Oak

“I had a photographer friend that had texted me and asked to set up a photo shoot, little did I know Josh had actually been messaging her trying to set up a surprise proposal shoot and he had made me think I set the entire thing up! During the shoot, our photographer had Josh wrap his arms around me and told him to whisper something funny in my ear to make me laugh. He leaned in and whispered ‘Will you marry me?’ and had the ring in his hand in front of me. He then got down on one knee and I said YES!”

Full story: Courtnie and Joshua
Photography: Melissa Brannon

Katelyn and Jake's Engagement in Fort Worth, TX

“It was the weekend after our anniversary Jake told me that he had a special day planned. I was really concerned because we were in an area that I didn’t know and he wouldn’t tell me anything until a black helicopter flew over us while we were stopped at a stop sign. He looks at me and goes, ‘I’m going to tell you now, see that helicopter? That’s our ride.’ I was in shock. It was always a bucket list item for me and I was about to get to take the helicopter ride I always wanted to. When we got out of the helicopter he handed me a present and I opened it and it was my favorite Harry Potter book, the Half Blood Prince. When I opened the book, he had carved out the pages in the center to show the chapter ‘The Unbreakable Vow’ and in a hole carved even further was the ring box.”

Full story: Katelyn and Jake
Photography: Kristen Dee Crouch

“At this point, Andrew wasn’t sure if he was going to propose. He couldn’t feel his fingers, toes, etc. (none of us could at this point). Despite being frozen, we all agreed to snap a photo before leaving. Figured if we hiked that far we might as well document it! I heard Andrew saying ‘alright, alright, alright,’ like he was pumping himself up for something. Then the next thing I know, he’s down on one knee with the most beautiful sparkly ring.”

Full story: Jules and Andrew

“Jack planned out a whole trip to Hawaii where I wasn’t allowed to know any of the details. Our first stop was Maui and after two wonderful days exploring the island, Jack packed up the Jeep to go to the Iron Beach. The closer we got the more butterflies filled my stomach. Soon we were walking along the boardwalk when we stopped at a patch of volcanic rock over the water. Jack bent down one one knee there and asked me to marry him.”

Full story: Lauren and Jack
Photography: Hannah Mcfall

“We pull up to this random park, and I see Reavens’ car there. And then it hit me- this is it, it’s going down! I began freaking out in the car. My brother in law calmly says, “I’m instructed to tell you to walk across this bridge, and you’ll know what to do.” I get out the car, totally shaking and flustered, and I see a photographer, a videographer, and beautiful balloons reading ‘Will you marry me?’ leading up to him.”

Full story: Anusha and Reavens
Photography: Rondel Charles

“Right at this moment as I thought my house was going to be destroyed I turned back to look at the house. I felt hands around my waist that started to guide me to the middle of our lawn. The firefighters had slowed down their process of their work and when I turned around there was a face behind that mask that I did not expect to see…. it was Zach’s. He took his mask off and got down on one knee. I was so confused, I still thought our house was burning down but here he was asking me to marry him.”

Full story: Maddison and Zach
Photography: Elizabeth Victoria

“On the second day of our trip we arrived at the Trocadéro overlooking the Eiffel Tower the photographer said that she needed to check the lighting and asked us to move to a few different spots. Finally, she found the “perfect lighting” which was his cue to propose.”

Full story: Leah and Olabode
Photography: DO IT PARIS WAY

“We had planned a trip to Europe last fall. While we were in the Amalfi coast, we had spent one day cruising around the island of Capri on a gozzo boat. Right before pulling into the harbor, Jon got down on one knee and proposed… with the box upside down! We couldn’t stop laughing which made for the perfect proposal!”

Full story: Danielle and Jonathan

“When she turned around she squealed and collapsed into my chest. As we held each other I asked her if she knew why I was there. She scrunched her nose and nodded as I got down on one knee.”

“As I stood up, I pulled another ring out of my pocket and told her that if she wanted to marry me she was going to have to get down on one knee and ask me too (we had discussed me wearing an engagement ring as well and that was another part of her surprise). Laughing through her tears, Megan took my ring and got down on one knee in her beautiful dress.”

Full story: Megan and Chris
Photography: Michelle Lea Photographie

“Ruben insisted that we spend Christmas with his family in New York. The entire weekend in New York was normal for one of our visits up until midnight on Christmas Eve. Ruben handed me a wrapped gift and explained that he’d gotten me something this year (we never exchange gifts on Christmas). The very last page featured the custom-made ring and in huge lettering were the words Will You Marry Me? Ruben kneeled on one knee, gave a short speech, and asked for my hand in marriage. After five years together, I was weeping tears of joy as I exclaimed ‘Yes!’”

Full story: Anyssa and Ruben

“He had made me a book “Why I Love You” and sat me down on a bench to read it. The last page read “Silvina, will you marry me?” I immediately began to cry as he dropped down to his knee (in tears) and I believe he said something cute but I don’t remember. All I wanted to scream was YES!”

Full story: Silvina and Donovan
Photography: Fox & Raccoon

“Kayla reached out to me to ask if she could take mine and Josh’s pictures in some new locations and said we could pick one of our choices. Josh works for the Obed Wild and Scenic River so we went there to a climbing trail to some overlooks. Little did I know that Josh and Kayla had come up with this months ago. He proposed on a gorgeous overlook near Lilly Bluff.”

Full story: Hannah and Joshua

“After brunch with my friends in Buckhead, we headed up to the winery. We were having a great time and I was texting Yannic, telling him how I wished that he was with us. We walk into the beautiful and grand wooden doors, into the large foyer, and there is Yannic, standing at the top of a staircase (which looked JUST like Jack on the stair in the Titanic!) I immediately knew what was happening and started crying.”

Full story: Danielle and Yannic
Photography: Cory Henry

“My friend Claire asked if I would go help her pick out a Christmas tree for her house and then go shop at Lululemon since her husband, Josh, and Blaine were out hunting for the weekend. Josh and Blaine LOVE to hunt, and Claire and I love to shop, so I did not really think much about it. We met up and headed to Motley’s Tree Farm to look for a tree. Claire kind of darted into the trees so I just followed her. Out from behind a tree pops Blaine. He proceeds to say how much he loves me and all the sudden he is down on a knee asking me to marry him!”

Full story: Rachel and Blaine
Photography: Josh and Janie Claire Alberius

“Nicole then told me to turn around and that is when I saw him, on one knee… And out came the words, ‘Austyn Marie Estelle Squire, I’ve wanted to ask this question for a really long time. Will you marry me?’ I was In complete shock. I thought this must be a dream, because (side note) I’ve been having weird dreams about the wedding because ALL of my friends decided to get married this year!! But it wasn’t!! That just really happened!”

Full story: Austyn and David
Photography: Nikki Foy

Proposal Ideas William Chris Vineyards

“As part of our New Year’s resolution, Jeremy and I decided to run our very first half marathon. Suddenly, Jeremy proposed that we walk along the vineyard. He asked me how I was feeling and I said “Wonderful!” after all I was still on an adrenaline rush from the race. And when I turned to him he was down on one knee.”

Full story: Fallon and Jeremy
Photography: McKenzie Baird

“When we came upon a great vineyard row, Stephen got down on one knee and asked me if I’d like to change my name and match him.”

Full story: Hannah and Stephen
Photography: Melissa Atle // Northfern

“There was a violinist and a guitarist. As they begin stepping up I thought this was their job and were looking for us to tip them after they played us a couple of tunes. Little did I know that they were here for us., they begin playing ‘Halo’ by Beyonce followed by ‘Dangerous in Love,’ also by Beyonce. I knew that this was no coincidence. Before the next picture was even taken, Donovan asked me to turn around. Our friends had opened their suit jackets and had shirts on that said ‘Our Friends Are Tying the Knot’ by the time I could even register what was happening, I turned around to see the love of my life down on one knee.”

Full story: Alex and Donovan
Photography: Sasha Lannier

Kirstin's Proposal in Chicago

“Brian is a pilot in the Air Force National Guard, and was stationed for 6 weeks in Antarctica. He bought me a flight to Chicago to visit my best friends while he was gone to get a taste of home. I had no idea my life would forever change! My best friend and I were walking down Michigan Avenue to begin the evening festivities, when I turned the corner and dropped to my knees; Brian was HOME!”

Full story: Kristin and Brian
Photography: Meghan McCarthy Photography

“Matt and I met in a musical theatre audition in 2016. We got cast in Green Day’s American Idiot as Johnny and Whatsername, two of the romantic leads. As our characters were falling in love onstage, we started dating and fell in love offstage. We’re both huge Green Day fans, and ‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)’ has always been ‘our song.’ This is also the encore song of American Idiot. On the closing night of the show, in the middle of Good Riddance, Matt dropped his guitar pick on the stage and I saw him kneel to pick it up. When I looked back, I realized he wasn’t holding a guitar pick, but a ring!”

Full story: Julia and Matt

“At this point, time stood still. Our tear filled eyes and trembling hands held on to each other as the man of my dreams asked me to be his forever. Without hesitation, I joyfully said “YES”. After being in Anderson’s arms I realized we were in a roomful of people!”

Full story: Kristina and Anderson

“He lives in Washington and I live in New Mexico. He had completely flown down and surprised me, with the help of my parents and Kim he organized this elaborate engagement without me ever catching on. I ran to him and he took my hands and reminded me of the day we first met, the photo we took in front the ‘I love you so much wall’ and how still to this day his love for me has only grown. There on one knee, he pulled out the ring of my dreams and asked me to be his wife.”

Full story: Marin and Nick

Nicholas's Proposal in Burn's Park, Tampa, FL

“On my 40th birthday, my boyfriend (now, fiancé) told me to hurry up and get ready for a surprise. After having a cocktail, he excused himself for a moment and the server appeared with a greeting card in hand; she instructed me to read the card and follow the instructions. When I arrived at Bern’s Park, which is where we go to sit on “our bench” when we take our walks at night, there were around 40 people waiting for my arrival, all with champagne glasses that were full of bubbly and a raspberry. When I said my hellos, I turned around and there he was, waiting for me to join him at the fountain, arm extended so that he could take my hand in his. He expressed his love and feelings to me, dropped to a knee, and proposed.”

Full story: Nicholas and Harry
Photography: Southern Dreaming Photography

“We all leave California Adventures and head to Downtown Disney by the Christmas tree to take family pictures and then watch the fireworks at 9:30pm. (at least that’s what I thought) We get there, so Gary’s mom and sister tell us that we’re going to take pictures first, but that we had to close our eyes because they had silly hats they wanted us to wear, and we couldn’t see them. Gary’s mom said okay you can uncover your eyes and smile for the camera when I count to 3. So then 1..2..3.. CHEEESEEE, I open my eyes and there is my best friend down on one knee.”

Full story: Arizona and Gary


Wedding Proposal Ideas in Central Park - Bethesda Fountain

“As we were walking around the Bethesda Fountain dancers started dancing to our song ‘Mirrors’ by Justin Timberlake. A few minutes into the dance he leaves my side to join them and all I could think is ‘he is not about to dance with these kids.’ As he danced and waved it began to hit me what was about to happen. About six children in the dance each handed me a single rose and that’s when I lost it. Robert approached me slowly with the dancers surrounding him. As he stopped in front of me, in tears I said” there is no meeting” and he just smiled reached in his pocket and got down on one knee. Robert flipped opened the box, I saw my dream ring glistening and I said ‘Yes! Yes!, Yes!’ before he could even ask will you marry me?”

Full story: Jasmine and Robert
Photography: Clarity Visions

“On November 2018, my boyfriend and I took a trip to Athens, Greece. For months and months, I was begging for him to take a day out of our trip to go to Santorini.Elijah continued to tell me for months, it is too expensive, the ferry takes too long, etc. On November 2nd, 2018, Elijah told me that we had a tour that started very early in the morning. He then explained how he had booked two flights to Santorini. I couldn’t believe it, or him. He was surprising me with something I have always dreamt of seeing. As we walked up to our tour guide and introduced ourselves, he immediately started naming facts about Santorini so I believed we were going on an actual tour. He said that he wanted to take our picture on this beautiful dome. We stepped up onto the dome and Kristo brought out his camera and stated a secret phrase (it is a beautiful day today) and as I turned to look at Elijah, he was down on one knee pulling out a ring.”

Full story: Savannah and Elijah
Photography: Kristo Di Giorio

“Every year Gennaro creates a beautiful Christmas light show that is programmed to go off to music, and every year he adds new songs. When I arrived at his house he took me outside (as he always does) and gave me a first look at the lights before the guests arrived. I heard our favorite song (Hold On by Michael Bublè) playing. As we watched the lights he took my hand and walked me over to a lit up sign that went off to the chorus and he got on one knee and I lost it.”

Full story: Vanessa and Gennaro
Photography: Michael Gloria

“Taylor asked Brittany and Leo if they would pretend to do a styled shoot with Taylor and me at the Grand Canyon. When we arrive at the Grand Canyon we meet Brittany and Leo and start to walk down the trail, Leo starts taking photos. A couple minutes into the shoot Leo says “OK ladies money shot.” Taylor starts to go to her knee…so I start to go to mine because I just assumed she knew what the ‘money shot’ meant! Then I realize she has a small black box and her hand!!”

Full story: Lauren and Taylor
Photography: Rad Red Creative

“We go to brunch and have a very low-key day trying to make it seem like nothing was going to happen. We planned to go to a winery on the river before dinner and I planned out a path to walk right past the area where the photographer is waiting. When we arrived, I ask Taylor if she wanted to take a picture and she agreed. I asked Christy, our photographer, if she would take a picture of us. After a few pictures with my phone, Christy made up a story about being photographers on vacation and she would love to take a picture with her much nicer camera. I tell Taylor to hold on before taking a picture because I need to fix something in my boot (this is where the ring was). Of course, while walking to the spot, the ring box gets stuck in my boot and is hard to take out, and Taylor is so embarrassed that this nice woman is waiting for us to take the picture. I finally get it out and get on one knee and Taylor still doesn’t realize what is happening.”

Full story: Taylor and Travis
Photography: Christy Tyler Photography and R Scott Jackson Photography

“One of my dear friends, Rachel Kendrick, is the director of a stunning wedding venue. The venue was putting together a styled shoot to showcase the property and a couple of their esteemed vendors. I was completely flattered, intimidated, and excited when she asked me to be the model for that shoot. She told me that there would be an alpaca in the shoot and I started hyperventilating because they are my favorite animals in the world. We wrap up the first look and then the part when I would get to have a big reveal and meet with an alpaca named Magic approached. Finally, I turn around and I see the love of my life looking as handsome as ever holding my favorite animal. This was excitement and emotional OVERLOAD!”

Full story: Addair and Austin
Photography: Rachel Red Photography

“Edwin said we should meet up with our friends for happy hour and a double date. He said he wanted to take them to our favorite bar and where we had our first kiss. I didn’t think much of it because we love this bar and the balcony for the breeze. We get settled in and are catching up when suddenly they leave the table to get another cocktail. That’s when he gets on one knee and begins to tell him the most amazing words and ask me to be his wife.”

Full story: Lillian and Edwin
Photography: Farran Manual

“As I get closer I notice through the trees that there are rose petals on the ground (I honestly thought it was just a kind gesture that Tommy and Kevin wanted to surprise us with), then I see Tommy standing there by himself. It started to click that this wasn’t a photoshoot or cocktail hour…it was a PROPOSAL! He got on one knee and said ‘I knew I loved you ever since the first time I saw you in that dog park, and I want to continue to love and protect you for the rest of our lives, will you marry me?!’”

Full story: Lauren and Tommy
Photography: Tyler Wright

“His 30th birthday was on December 7, as was his graduation ceremony during which he received his Master’s degree. He said he just knew it wasn’t the right time. But if he didn’t propose in front of an intimate group, I knew he definitely wouldn’t ask me to marry him in front of a ton of people at the party the next day… He did propose at the party. After it happened, soaking in the moment as he held me, he just kept saying ‘Isn’t this better? See, everyone is here. Our whole families are here to celebrate. Isn’t this better?'”

Full story: Jessica and Matthew

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Michigan

“This year is our 30th anniversary and my wife and I got new rings for each other. We wanted our daughter to take some pictures of us and some with our new rings, and during the shoot, we were talking about my impromptu proposal years ago. Since I’d never gotten on a knee and properly asked for her hand in marriage, I decided right then and there to drop to one knee and ask like I should have thirty one years ago.

Full story: Joan and Jeff
Photography: Kelsie B Photography

And last but not least, this incredible story that comes with a reaction that’s not epic for the reasons you think!

“We stopped on the bridge and Robert asked me for a selfie, Then he began to tell me how he felt about us and he had been waiting for the perfect timing–that’s when I realized what was really happening. Robert pulled out the box and got down on one knee. At this point I was already emotional and as soon as he opened the box, everything was quiet and all you heard was ‘klink.’”

Full story: Kritzie and Robert
Photography: Kinga Leftska

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