5 Things Every Newly Engaged Girl Needs to Know

It’s our lucky day, ladies! Leila Lewis of one of our favorite blogs, Inspired By This, is here to share 5 things every newly engaged girl (and her best friends) needs to know.

Let’s get right to Leila’s tips….

Image 2 of 5 Things Every Newly Engaged Girl Needs to Know1. Wedding Apps! – We’re all obsessed with our smart phones, tablets and apps… so it’s no wonder we’d incorporate apps into the wedding day! My favorite is WedPics – it allows guests to upload their images to the app so other guests can enjoy, and so the couple has all their images in one place and no longer has to try and track them down on different social media sites. In 2013, 10% of all weddings used this app – and I know even more are going to use it in 2014!

2. Feel your best on your wedding day! – Nutrition and fitness gurus Karena and Katrina of Tone it Up have an entire nutrition guide dedicated to brides to be. It’s not just about slimming down, it’s about gaining confidence, staying stress free and taking care of yourself while planning one of the biggest days of your life. Katrina got married in 2013, and was inspired to share lessons she learned along the way with other women!Image 1 of 5 Things Every Newly Engaged Girl Needs to Know

3. Help your bridesmaids look their best! – The mix-and-match look started a few years ago, but has become a wedding staple. Donna Morgan has built their entire collection around allowing the perfect mix and match look. Each bridesmaid is built differently, has different coloring and different style, so letting each girl pick the dress that they’ll feel their best in is always well-received. With Donna Morgan’s gowns, you can mix-and-match while still creating a cohesive look.

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Photo by Trent Bailey and dresses by Donna Morgan

4. Weddings that give back! – More and more couples are finding ways to give back through their weddings. Whether it’s donating their flowers to be composted or volunteering with a location organization during the bachelorette party, brides and grooms want to make a difference with their wedding. Our favorite way to do this is with ONEHOPE Weddings! Half the proceeds from each bottle sold is donated to charity, and each varietal supports a different cause. Using their sparkling for a wedding toast feeds approximately 240 hungry American children through their partner non-profit.

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5. Saying yes to the dress, at home!Kirstie Kelly is the only designer in the country that’s allowing brides to “borrow” their gowns before they buy! The way it works is the bride picks the gowns she wants to try, and then gets the gowns shipped to her home. She can either try them on in private or have friends and family over for a viewing party! She has 48 hours with the gowns before she sends them back. Then she can pick her gown and order it! It’s perfect for the bride on the go, or brides that live in remote areas, or brides that just want a different experience!

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photo by Elizabeth Messina

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Big thanks to Leila and her team for putting these tips together!