4th of July Proposal on the Beach

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How we met: John was a student athlete at Culver Military Academy and was leaving to come to Lansing to play on a new hockey team. I had class with one of his friends who thought we were perfect for each other and after finally meeting in summer 2009… we did NOT agree! We went the rest of the summer without thinking of each other and when school started again that fall, we were in the same math class. John is a very smart boy and quickly realized I was doing well in the class! He suddenly needed a lot of “help” with his homework and would show up at my house almost every night to 1. Copy my homework, and 2. Eat my food! After months of becoming very close friends we decided that it was something more, and from that point on, we have been inseparable. We have been through many ups and downs, accomplishments and disappointments, moved away from home together, discovered who we are, grown up, and most of all, fallen even more in love. Not a day goes by that we don’t laugh until our sides hurt even still! I couldn’t hand pick a better man to marry and I am so excited that stinky hockey boy turned out to be as awesome of a man as he is!

outdoor engagement session-02how they asked: It was 4th of July 2012 and VERY HOT. Johnny wanted me to go down to the beach in Holland where we live, to have pictures taken for a surprise he was planning. I did not want to get all cleaned up and have pictures taken on the hottest day of the summer, and effectively made John’s task of getting me to the beach very difficult! After texting our parents who were waiting for us on our grandparents boat in Lake Michigan to tell them, “We might not make it!” I finally gave in seeing how much this meant to him and went!

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We walked along the beach to a spot where we could see a boat that had been following us along the shoreline. John pointed out into the water asking me if I could read the sign on it. (Our mothers were leaning over the side with a Chicago Blackhawks “will you marry me?” sign!) After a few moments of trying to figure out what it said, I turned back around to find him on his knee.

Beach Proposal_IMG_3488_work_4x6_300_dpi Beach Proposal_IMG_9551_work_4x6_150_dpi Beach Proposal_IMG_9557_work_4x6_300_dpi Beach Proposal_IMG_9575_work_4x6_300_dpi Beach Proposal_IMG_9581_work_4x6_150_dpi Beach Proposal_IMG_9583_work_4x6_300_dpi Beach Proposal_IMG_9584_work_4x6_150_dpi Beach Proposal_IMG_9589_work_4x6_150_dpi Beach Proposal_IMpi_v2 Beach Proposal_IMpi

John said a lot of very sweet things and asked me to marry him! I was too busy jumping up and down and kissing him to say yes or even take the ring. It was a perfect beginning to the rest of our lives together and a day I know neither of us will soon forget.

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Here are photos from our engagement session with Kellie Hetler.

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Engagement Photos by Hetler Photography