Scott & Sarah: 49ers Fan Proposes in New Stadium

Creative Proposal Idea 49ers Stadium Proposal (11)How we met: I first met Sarah in the summer of 2011. Sarah was living in Sonoma County, and I was just south a few minutes down Highway 101 in Novato.

Sarah was fresh off a trip overseas, where she was visiting relatives while travelling Europe after graduation from Sonoma State University. A friend of hers had invited her to meet up with friends at local favorite bar in Novato, called Finnegan’s. I was at home in Novato with my brother Eric and his girlfriend (now fiancé) Jessica.

Randomly, I was a little bored, and decided to go grab a drink a Finnegan’s, unaccompanied. When I got there, I ran into old high school friends and shared a few beverages. As fate would have it, Sarah happened to be a very close friend with the sister of one the high school acquaintances. Our friend groups combined for the remainder of the night.

Sarah and I hit it off and wound up having some fun conversations for the majority of the night. After a few hours, the bar closed out and we went our separate ways. I was smart enough to swap numbers and, over the next few weeks, we texted, then talked, then finally had a first date. From there, the fire was lit and the rest is history.

How he proposed: The two of us are huge, HUGE 49ers fans. We go to as many games as possible—even traveling together when the team plays an away game outside of the Bay Area. Since the 49ers play such a big role in our lives, I thought it would be a unique and amazing opportunity to bring that into one of the most important moments of our lives.

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A full two months prior to the proposal, a buddy of mine (who has friends who work for the Niners organization) sent an innocent question to the 49ers asking if they’ve had a wedding proposal in the stadium yet. Little did I know that it would start a chain reaction that included 6 weeks of planning, conference calls, 49ers cheerleaders, and 100,000 square feet of sod. You read that right. Unless you’re a die-hard 49ers fan, you likely didn’t know that the 49ers recently installed the beautiful green grass that we’ll all see on TV when they play on Sundays. Well, that little two-day installation meant the difference between proposing on April 4—right before the installation—or on April 22. As you can see from the pictures, we opted for the grass. Sure beats proposing in front of 150 yards of concrete!

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Anyway, once the date was set, an elaborate ruse was put into in place, thanks to the 49ers: the team wanted to get video footage of the first fans on a tour with the grass in, and we were invited to participate (hooked up through a mutual friend)!

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This was enough to get Sarah to take a half day off from work for such an exclusive and awesome opportunity. We walked through the beautiful new stadium, which ends in front of their huge video board.




The tour guide said the team had a special video welcome to show us, which…well, you can see how THAT turned out in the photos. Once the question was popped (and the best possible answer was given), we were “played off the stage” by the 49ers drumline (Niner Noise), and greeted by the team cheerleaders, the Gold Rush.

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Sure, it’s not playing quarterback, but having a band and professional cheerleaders cheer on your wedding proposal is a pretty good deal!

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Sarah: “For me, it was a dream come true. For starters, I am a lifelong 49ers fan, so being the first proposal ever, in the new stadium, is just amazing. The whole tour was beautiful, and being surrounded by my best friends made it even more amazing. I have pictured this moment since I was a little girl, and Scott truly exceeded every expectation. I have never felt more loved.”