3 Steps to Help You Find and Plan a Unique Proposal

From karaoke performances to secret photoshoots, marriage proposals run the gamut these days—so if you’re feeling the pressure to find the perfect proposal idea, trust us when we say: you are not alone. Whether your partner would love something quiet and subdued or totally over-the-top, one thing is for sure—however you choose to pop the question, the moment should be one thing above all else: unmistakably memorable. Today, then, we’re breaking down three simple steps to help you find a unique proposal idea and plan the perfect engagement—read on…and get ready feel that pressure ease on up!

Image by Nicole Kirshner Photography from Austyn & David’s Proposal

1. Browse our popular engagement stories for proposal inspiration

Here at How They Asked, we have plenty of engagement inspiration for you to dig into. If you’re at a complete loss for where to start, we say begin with a good ol’ fashioned brainstorming session. Head to our popular stories page and look through other couple’s engagement moments to get the wheels turning. You can also browse proposal ideas by category here. From photoshoot proposals to scavenger hunt proposals, we’re home to plenty of proposal inspiration—the key lies in finding the idea your partner will love the most (more on that below!).

2. Take our proposal idea quiz.

If you’re still not sure what, exactly, you want your engagement to look like, our proposal idea quiz (located about halfway down the page is a really great place to turn to spark some inspiration. Simply answer three questions–an adjective to describe your partner, things he or she loves, and a bit about the tone you want your proposal to strike—and we’ll curate all of the unique proposal ideas that fit the bill!

3. Personalize it.

While gathering inspiration on our site is a great place to start, we never recommend simply carbon-copying someone else’s engagement story. Instead, think of ways you can make the moment special and personal for both you and your partner. Whether that means incorporating inside jokes, locations that have meaning to you, or the people you love most, personalizing your proposal is—hands down—the most important part. While we love a classic jumbotron proposal, we’re all about marriage proposal ideas that are actually unique.

Remember—if your partner has hinted at certain things she or he would love in a proposal, make sure to incorporate those. This comes down to listening and being thoughtful: if it’s important to her or him that the moment is captured on camera, hire a professional proposal photographer; if they hate being the center of attention, don’t propose in front of a giant crowd. (PRO TIP: If your partner is a manicure-junkie, make sure they’ve had their nails done before you pop the question. There’s nothing worse than a chipped mani holding you back from posting the ring photo you’re dying to share!

Ready to move on to the next step? It’s time to go ring shopping! Check out our top tips for buying an engagement ring here.