2016 Bridesmaid Dress Trends with David's Bridal

Brides, we feel you. Finding the exact right dress for your besties to walk you down the aisle in is not an easy feat. To help, we worked with David’s Bridal to break down some currently fabulous bridesmaid dress trends. From multi-color to all-in-white, there are so many new ways brides are encouraging their girls to shine. Browse through and she which style and fit catches your eye!

Soft colors/pastels

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A spring favorite, pastel colors add a soft, gentle look to your bridal party. Also a great option for a boho wedding. Pair pale dresses with flower crowns for an ultimate spring or summer look.


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The newest trend in bridesmaid dresses, floral print dresses add a great pop of color to your bridal party. These prints are especially perfect for spring and summer weddings. Want to go for a mix-and-match look? Floral dresses look great paired with solid colors! Just pull colors from the floral print and you’re on your way to beautiful.

all White

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We didn’t believe it at first either, but white has made its way from just a bride trend to a bridesmaid trend. White is the ultimate wedding color (don’t worry brides – you’ll still be only one with the veil!) The trend was made popular by royalty and celebrities, but we’re loving it as a fresh, clean look for a summer wedding and a sophisticated look for a winter wedding.


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The perfect touch for a luxury wedding, metallic dresses add glamour and texture to your special day. The best part of metallic dresses is that you can decide how much shine to incorporate into your special day. Looking for a hint of glitz? Add a subtle touch with metallic lace, or go full-on sparkle with beading or sequins allover. The hardest part will be deciding between gold, silver, or rose gold (forget it, just mix-and-match all three!)


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The perfect choice for a bride who knows what color she wants but doesn’t know which shade to choose. The ombre look fades from light to dark and includes several hues of the same color. Pull off ombre by having each member wear a different shade of your favorite color. From there, you can also choose to have your ‘maids select the same shape/style or not – it’s up to you!. This option is a great way to give the girls a bit of freedom to find what they feel their best in.


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For any of these trends, we know that your bridal party comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we love the range that David’s Bridal offers brides and their besties. Sizes are available from 0 to 26, they have maternity and junior bridesmaid dresses and even better, they have 100s of styles under $100. Something else most brides don’t think of – David’s Bridal is a great place to get dresses for your engagement shoot! If you’re in the middle of dress shopping, stop by David’s Bridal and you’ll be very impressed by all their HUGE (and of course trendy) selection.