2014's Best Marriage Proposal Videos

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We’re glad you’re enjoying these proposal videos as much as we have this whole year (oh yes, we’ve watched them multiple… multiple times). If you have your own love story to share with us, please submit your proposal here. We’d love to share your magical moment.

8. Unbelievable Proposal on a Surprise Trip to Paris

Why we love it? She got swept off her feet for surprise after surprise. We have high hopes for all men to roll out the red carpet like this guy did.

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9. “Love Actually”-Inspired Proposal

Why we love it? It was the most magical moment in movie history (am I right?) and this guy recreated it perfectly.

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10. Wakeboarding Proposal

We we love it? As someone who looks at one-knee form all day long, this man blew us away with his ability. Also, how much FUN were they having together during it all?

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11. Proposal at a West Point Girls’ Soccer Game

Why we love it? We often ask men how important friends and family are to you and your significant other. When they tell us that both are crazy important, we always suggest they’re included some how. Knowing how much love his girlfriend had from her soccer team, including them for the proposal swelled up that emotion and we loved it!

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12. “Love is an Open Door” Proposal

Why we love it? Any other Frozen fan can tell you why. We’ll leave it at that.

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13. Breast Cancer Patient Gets Emotional Surprise Pre-Surgery

Why we love it? The perfect example of “in sickness and in health”. This one made us cry the most this year.

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14. Awesome Pre-Proposal Video

Why we love it? If you haven’t caught on, we love when friends and family can be a part of the proposal. Through all the tears this bride-to-be had, she always had a hand to hold as the day unfolded and the proposal came closer and closer.

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There you have it, proposal lovers! Our favorite proposal videos of 2014. While we take a tissue for every proposal we read or watch, we thought these 14 needed to be celebrated again. If you felt inspired by these love stories, please feel free to share them!

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