11 Proposals to Get You Excited for This Year's Holiday (aka Engagement) Season

It’s that time of year! Holiday season, aka engagement season, aka our favorite few months ever. According to The Knot‘s survey, nearly 4 out of every 10 couples get engaged around this time, so to prepare you for what your Facebook feed will most likely look like, here are last year’s 11 most unreal, epic, magical, and show-stopping marriage proposals!

The proposal where she got a puppy and an engagement ring.


“On a random day, Alec’s mom called and asked us if we could run by her house and walk her dog. We’d done it before so I didn’t think anything of it. When we got there, I walked over to their beautiful tree to scope out the gifts when I saw a pet carrier under it. Even at that moment, I was oblivious and I kept asking him who had a cat? I am not sure what I was thinking! Then Alec told me to open the carrier. And that’s when I saw. Inside was a perfect baby blue brindle frenchie and I was instantly in shock. I lifted him out and asked if it was for us!?! At this point, I still had no idea it was more than just a Christmas present but then Alec told me to look at the tag. When I did, I read the words “Will you marry me?”…” Watch the video here.

The one where he turned a barn into magical wonderland.

sabrina-and-josh_15Photo by Danielle Marie Photography

“About 5 minutes later, Josh goes off to grab something and asks me to come with him.He brought me downstairs and blindfolded me. I thought that I still had one more Christmas present and that he was getting me the dog we had talked about getting. He then ushered me out the backyard to the barn. He took off the blindfold and asked me to open the barn door. The second I opened it, I saw lights all over and pictures everywhere. I was in total shock and couldn’t believe what was happening…” Full story here.

and this one when her whole family was in on the surprise.

20151221_proposal_jonathanjaelyn_preview010-700x1050Photo by Kaitlyn Phipps Photography

“As soon as we get to the ice rink, I saw thirty of our closest family and friends holding up signs lit up saying “Will you marry me?” My sister walked up to us and handed Jonathan a snow globe with a beautiful ring in it. Then Jonathan got down on one knee to say those four words every girl longs to hear, and I immediately replied yes!” Read the rest here.

this proposal that was so cute, no guy could have pulled off on his own.

analisa-joy-photography-87-700x467Photo by Analisa Joy Photography

“When I could clearly see his face, it was bright red from both freezing and crying as he stood next to an adorable sign that said “Merry Me?”. Tears were streaming down his smiling face as he put his arms out to hold me. We just stood there and hugged for what seemed like eternity, and then I nuzzled into him and said “I need a minute, I never want to forget this feeling”…” Full story here.

and “someone else’s” proposal with a walk down a magical memory lane.

img_0197-700x467Photo by Kai Fuglem

“We take another couple steps and I see something set up in the middle of the pathway. Sitting there was a beautiful vintage table with photos spilling off of it onto the snow. Above it, was a frame made of gold roses and a “Marry Me?” sign hanging off of it. There were even beautiful fairy lights in tall glass vases surrounding the table. I thought it was so pretty, and started to say, “Oh look! What is that? Is someone getting …. ”  Next thing I know, I see Tu smiling at me, while he’s reaching into his jacket pocket. I couldn’t believe it when he pulled out a small red velvet box and got down on one knee!” Full story here.

And that proposal that was casually adorable in the middle of a christmas tree farm.

christmas-marriage-proposal-ideas-4-702x466Photo by Michael James Photography

“It was always a family ritual to get in my dad’s Renault (a French car company prominent in Europe, but defunct in the US) station wagon, and drive out to rural San Diego to chop down the perfect Christmas tree. In the years that I had dated Shereen, our Christmas trees had only been tiny Trader Joe’s tabletop trees, or a plastic one Shereen scored at Target. So, when it came time to propose to her, I wanted to start the next step of our lives with a memory I’ve cherished all of mine…” See the rest here.

AND Then all the proposals that had “will you marry me” spelled out in lights Like this

jennifer_and_daniel_6Photo by G. Chapin Studios

“Jennifer always talked about getting couples photos together so I decided to propose in the middle of a shoot we planned with our photographer friend. I wanted to make it extra special, so the week before, I set off to Home Depot (with a very vague knowledge of hardware and tools), bought a gigantic wooden board, spray paint, Christmas lights, and Christmas decorations. Over the next few days, I worked tirelessly to create a proposal sign. Then, I hung the sign on a tree in the middle of the forest where the photoshoot would soon take place…” Read the rest here.

Or this

marry-me-christmas-lightsPhoto by James and Jess

“My heart was pounding in my chest when we pulled up and parked in front of the neighborhood. We started our walk through the streets and I put my hand in my right pocket to feel the ring box one more time. About 25 minutes later we were finishing our walk in Starlight Circle and we approached the main cul-de-sac of the neighborhood (here it comes!). I pulled Jenny towards me into the empty driveway of one of the houses. Right as she asked me, “what are you doing” the garage door started to rise & light began to escape & illuminate in our direction. It quickly caught Jenny’s attention as she spelled out the words, “MARRY ME JENNY?” in white Christmas lights. Our parents & grandparents were standing behind the sign with smiles from ear to ear. Jenny immediately covered her mouth with her hands. I got down on one knee & all the lines I rehearsed completely flew out of my memory.” More here.

Or this… (omg)


“I was on tour with my band for a few weeks and built everything for the proposal on the road and in between all our shows. It was quite the feat to do in the back of a tour bus, but well worth it of course. I’d also been writing Megan a letter for each of the days I was gone. They included memories from our years together, and the final one had a memory we’d not yet made. So, when I got back from the tour, I brought everything I’d made on tour to my barn and set it all up. There were mason jars with all the letters in them, lights everywhere, and a big sign that said, “Will You Marry Me”. Then, on our way home from going to see the Annual Christmas Lights Show in our town, I told her I wanted to swing by the barn to pick something up….” Read more here.

Then there was the proposal with the COZY bonfire on Christmas Eve.

emily-and-levi_12Ethan Painter

“We walked down the candle-lit path to a fire warming the cold air, an abundance of Christmas lights, and music playing in the background. It was a recreation of our first date. I immediately noticed a small black box and when I turned back to look at Levi, he was down on one knee with tears in his eyes he asked me to marry him…” See more here.

And finally, the proposal that was so epic, yet right in their backyard.

epic-christmas-proposalPhoto by Tyler Scott Photography

“As we walked towards the trees, Nolan pointed to one and it lit up. After a few seconds, they all began to light up until the entire tree farm was glowing. Next, he grabbed my hand, pulled me towards an arbor, and when we got under it, he told me he loved me for the very first time. Then, he got down on one knee, held out a beautiful ring, and asked me to marry him. I said yes and he put the ring on my finger and kissed me! As soon as he kissed me, fireworks went off…” Full story here.

Do we have you excited for this year’s engagement season yet?! If you haven’t had your fill of proposals, you can see our popular marriage proposals here or watch videos on end in our proposal video player.