10 Ways To Propose Without A Ring

While an engagement ring is a big part of a traditional proposal, we’d like to think it’s not all about the bling. After all, we love love. (And while we love a pretty ring, it really is about the loyal commitment.). Getting engaged is about finding your “person” and choosing to make that life-long dedication to one another. If you’re reading this article maybe your partner doesn’t want a ring, maybe YOU don’t want a ring, maybe it’s a financial stress that doesn’t need to be added, or maybe you’re just curious to see our fun ideas (also a very valid reason). Today, we’re sharing our top 10 ways to propose without a ring.

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A Song or Poem

We sure are a sucker for sweet words – I mean how romantic!? Write your partner a song about your love story and sing it for them. If you’re feeling brave, perform it for them live in front of an audience. Express your love and commitment through your words. And if you’re sitting here thinking, “I’m not musical!” or “I have NO musical talent!” – We understand. If singing or songwriting isn’t your thing, write a poem for your partner. They’ll be sure to love the thought that you put into either one of these options.

A Different Jewelry Piece

Not everyone wants to wear a ring, it’s personal preference. Maybe your partner would prefer a different piece of jewelry. A necklace, a watch, a pair of earrings, or even a bracelet might be more sentimental (and practical) for your partner. Talk to them about it and see what piece of jewelry they might want. It can still be a surprise when you’re picking out the actual style!

A Vacation

Who doesn’t love a getaway!? (Trick question: *hopefully* NOBODY.). If investing a large amount of money into a piece of jewelry doesn’t sound practical to you, plan a trip for your partner and you to spend quality time. You can pop the question on the trip or even beforehand. Either way, celebrating while on vacation sounds like a pretty great option to us!

A Significant Gesture

While not everyone thinks that spending money on a piece of jewelry is the best option, maybe there’s something else you’d like to put your finances towards: a new home for you and your partner or paying off your partner’s student loans. Both of these ideas are great ways to show your partner that you’re ready for the next step with them and you are fully committed to your future together.

A Pet

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If your partner is a dog person …or a cat person…or a horse person…(you get it: whatever animal they might want as a pet), we can’t think of a better way to express your love than welcoming a furry friend into your family.

A Party

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Love is all about the people you surround yourself with. Plan a party and invite your partners family and friends! They might have family that lives far away or friends that they haven’t seen for years. Plan a surprise party where family and friends from near and far can join and celebrate the next milestone in your life!

Engagement Tattoo

If the glitz and glam of an engagement ring isn’t your style but you’re looking for something to show your commitment, a tattoo (or matching tattoos) might be the perfect option. Surprise your partner with your new body art or celebrate your engagement by going to get matching tattoos together.


Creating new memories is something that we love the most about taking that next step in your relationship. Share some of your favorite memories that you’ve had with your partner. Create a scrapbook with your favorite moments together. Leave some of the pages in the back of the scrapbook blank to symbolize the new memories you can create together in your future.

A Day of Pampering

Send your partner around to all of their favorite places: their favorite coffee shop, restaurant, salon, shopping mall, (you get the point.). At the end of their special day, spoil them with a romantic night out for just the two of you.

Propose First, Ring Second

Maybe you’re ready for that next step in your relationship but you’re not sure what style ring your partner wants, or you want to save up for your partners dream ring. Whatever it may be, the actual proposal doesn’t need to wait. Share your feelings with your partner and together you can decide where to go from there. Whether you end up ring shopping together or plan something special for the two of you, your partner is sure to notice your commitment.

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