10 Colored Engagement Rings that will Make You Rethink your Dream Ring

No one says you have to be in a relationship to begin thinking about your dream engagement ring. In fact, I’m pretty sure I had my dream ring picked out years and years ago. Until I saw these colored beauties from Diamond Envy (they specialize in conflict-free and natural colored diamonds and gems, and they’ve got an amazing selection of engagement rings)…

Below, I’ve selected 10 of my favorite designs and color combinations. You can design your own ring with lots and lots of different colored stones as well, but these will get you started re-creating your dream engagement ring like I did.

1. Ring qualities: Yellow Diamond; Oval-Shaped; Halo

Yellow Diamond Ring in Platinum & 18K Gold (1)

Join Kelly Clarkson, Megan Fox, and Carrie Underwood who are all sporting yellow diamond engagement rings.

2. Ring qualities: Two-Tone, Fancy Yellow; Pave

R17398-5Jewelry designers have been ramping up the two-tone look in the last few years and we’re completely on board. Solves the problem of coordinating your old favorites with your new staple.

3. Ring qualities: Cushion Cut; Yellow Diamond; Double Halo

Vintage Inspired Yellow Diamond Ring in 18K Two-Tone GoldTwo halos are better than one. It’s been our motto for a while now.

4. Ring qualities: Light Pink and Brown Stones; Halo; Unique Shank


This ring is as ultra modern and highly remarkable as it is elegant and timeless.

5. Ring qualities: Morganite; Pink Diamond Halo, Oval, Rose Gold

CJ016R-MG_1 (1)

Let’s talk about Morganite. Morganite was named by Gemstone expert George Kunz of Tiffany & Co. in honor of millionaire banker and mineral collector John Pierport Morgan (aka JP Morgan…). It’s one of the most gorgeous tones and goes amazingly well with rose gold. This pretty gem is on the rise, especially in my book.

6. Ring Qualities: Emerald; White Diamond Pave

Natural Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring in 18K White Gold (1)

Halle Berry and Zoe Saldana both wear an emerald-colored engagement ring. I’ve tried a few on myself and I feel like a queen wearing such a bold stone.


7.  Ring qualities: Yellow Diamond, Halo, Pave Band, Cushion Cutyellow-diamond

This is just perfect. It’s dainty, yet show-stopping, and it’s an absolutely gorgeous ring from every angle. One of the best.


8. Ring qualities: Chameleon Center Stone, White Diamond Halo and Pave Split Shank

Why is this called a chameleon diamond? Take one guess. YES, it changes colors! Only in extreme temperatures (so it won’t change every day), but the rarity is something to talk about.


9. Ring qualities: Morganite, Round Stone, Rose Gold, Pave Shank and Halo

morganite engagement ring

Let’s go back to Morganite… a similar ring to before, but this one’s perfect for the round fans out there.

10.  Ring qualities: Dark Orangey Brown, Three-stone, Cushion Cut2.72 Carat Fancy Dark Orangy Brown Diamond Ring in 18K Two-Tone Gold (1)

Ending with a classic three-stone shape, with two white diamonds as the side stones and a gorgeous orangey brown center diamond. This color is one of our favorites.

SO. Did you find a new favorite? Tell us in the comments and be sure to hop on over to Diamond Envy for more colored engagement rings. You can also design your own on their site – so go to town!!