Paola and Juan

How We Met

We met at my home city, he came because he was about to receive an award for management based on results, and I went to the event because of my work. The event was a Seminary of three days, so we met since the one. When I first saw him I thought: “what a handsome man” and I sent a text about it to my best friend.

Paola and Juan Manuel's Engagement in Tepoztlán, México

We talked during the three days, but only about work, so it was at the end of the event when we keep together I we lost the notion about time, we where having a great time, so he lost his fly back home (Ciudad de México). And there you have the start of this amazing story.

Paola's Proposal in Tepoztlán, México

how they asked

With the “pretext” of a photo session like a birthday gift and a video of the behind the scenes begins this beautiful moment, that later gives a turn by a letter where the boyfriend tells his future fiancé that follows tracks in chalkboards ..

Decorating the environment with candles, a pyramid that makes the perfect environment, background is heard “Mi vida sin ti” of La Oreja de Van Gogh and at the top of the pyramid, in the middle of a labyrinth a heart of rose petals, in the background a big sign: Pao will you marry me?

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Tepoztlán, México

The bridegroom kneeling before his future wife with tears of happiness, hands the ring, symbol of an eternal commitment.

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